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"Saxon Cartwright is a small-town lawyer driven by a deeply personal need to see justice served. Years ago, the incompetence of a prosecuting attorney allowed his sister's murderer to walk free. Now, Saxon is faced with the task of prosecuting a case eerily reminiscent of that long-ago trial, and he's determined to make the murderer pay. But there's one person standing in his way: Malcom Glazebrook, a ruthless and experienced defense lawyer whose wealthy clients are paying him handsomely to do whatever it takes to keep their son out of prison. The case should be open and shut, but a series of shocking murders have claimed the lives of both a juror and a key witness for the prosecution. Now, beautiful elementary school teacher Wyanne Grice--an unwitting observer of the juror's murder--is Saxon's only hope. As they work together to uncover the truth, Saxon and Wyanne are undeniably drawn to one another. But when threats to Wyanne's life escalate, it seems that someone might go to dangerous lengths to keep her from talking. With the court date fast approaching, will Saxon be able to out-lawyer his courtroom nemesis, win the case, and steal a certain woman's heart?"--Page [4] of cover.
Who is your lawyer, and what does he or she really do? That’s a question that’s not easy to answer—unless you go the source. And unfortunately, most lawyers won’t give you a straight answer. In What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know, Billy F. Brown unveils the mystery of how lawyers work and how they communicate. In simple language, he helps you understand what happens in a law practice, and he explains the problems clients encounter with lawyers and vice versa. You’ll learn • how to determine whether you need a lawyer; • what questions to ask a lawyer; • why lawyers generally disagree with each other; and • how to gain considerable advantages by understanding the legal process. Whether you’re a client, a lawyer, or someone in law school, this guidebook will provide you with important insights about the nature of the legal process. Get a rare insider’s look into the practice of law with What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know.
"If Moser had not lived the life he sets down in this memoir, he would have had a hard time inventing it. As fiction, it would seem too picaresque, too filled with wonderful adventure, harrowing moments, travel, romance, eccentric, intellectual challenges, and all the rewards and hardships of an extraordinary life in medicine. But Moser has lived it and his art as a writer keeps pace with his animated life as a doctor. The result is a book that takes a reader into the heart of medicine, and into the heart of this fascinating man This is a lofty book, by a man who has dared to climb to the heights of life, and now writes of what there is to see." Paul Trachtman Former Science Editor Smithsonian Magazine
​ This book focuses on the experience of father's lives after a divorce, and how mental health professionals can help them create a healthy transition. Through the use of case examples critical issues are highlighted and discussed with supportive empirical findings and clinical insights. Traditionally, the marital legal sessions as well as the ultimate marriage settlement focus on the issues confronted by the ex-wife and mother and on the custody and visitation plan for the children. This is actually supported by law in some places. This can remove the father from important qualitative issues such as what it is like to have children in two households, relationships with two sets of grandparents, where holidays will be spent, fair rotations of responsibility and how continuing parental discord can be resolved. The issues examined in this volume are relevant to a range of professionals who deal with divorcing couples from psychologists and family therapists to legal advisors and judges.​
When Martin Dunn retires and buys an old stone house to renovate he thinks his life will be stress-free. However, the renovation turns out to be a nightmare, his company buy-out may be fraudulent and, worse, someone keeps trying to kill him.
A saxophonist's murder is only the first shot fired in a citywide war. All great blues musicians chase something. Raymond 'Strong' Carlisle calls it 'the deep sweet' -- that perfect note that always seems to sit just out of reach. For decades he has made crowds swing, made women smile, and earned the respect of some of the greats. But as long as he strained for the deep sweet, nothing he did with his baritone sax seemed to matter. Chasing that fantasy has led him here, to lie in the rain beneath a sycamore, counting his bullet holes as he dies. The detective on the scene is Dennis Murchison, a white cop who has seen too many murders to be shocked by a dead blues man. As he eliminates possible suspects, he's left to decide between a lowlife drug pusher and Toby Marchand -- Strong Carlisle's son. As the city heaves into violent frenzy, Murchison finds that answers hover like the deep sweet: just out of reach.

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