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Based on oral histories and farm books, this account offers a fascinating analysis of some 300 years of hop-cultivation history in the Weald of Kent, a rural area in the South of England, and in the London Borough of Southwark. The diverse processes of hop agriculture are examined within the wider context of events, such as the advent of the railroads and the effects of war, as are changes to the working practices and technologies used and their reception and implementation in the Weald. Also examining hop trading and dealing, this comprehensive record demonstrates the impact this rural industry had upon the lives of the people engaged in it.
A journal for the farm, the garden, and the fireside, devoted to improvement in agriculture, horticulture, and rural taste; to elevation in mental, moral, and social character, and the spread of useful knowledge and current news.
It's the last day of Winter Break and twelve-year-old Drew Montgomery can't wait for it to end--not because he's dying to go back to school, but because he can't wait for his annoying cousins to go home. Next to them, his little sister Libby seems like an angel. But just as they're about to leave, a freak snowstorm buries Douglas Bay in two feet of snow, grounding flights, closing highways, and cancelling school. Now nobody's going anywhere for another week. Will Drew survive being housebound with four stressed-out adults, five rambunctious kids, and two naughty rabbits?
An enthralling romantic saga and a vibrant tale of illicit love, firm friendships and the indomitable character of the East Enders. It is 1959 and the Armstrong family - Jack, Laura and their daughter, Kay - are setting off on their annual hop-picking holiday. Far from the bustle of Stepney, the Kent hop fields offer hard work but fresh clean air and lively social gatherings around the campfires. But picking by hand is becoming a thing of the past as mechanisation takes over. While Jack leads the protest against the machines, Laura is otherwise preoccupied: will this mean the end of her seasonal love affair with the farm owner? And what of Kay who, on the brink of womanhood, craves adventure and creates turmoil when she and the handsome gypsy lad, Zacchi, meet in secret? As tensions grow between the cockneys and the local Romanies, it becomes clear that this summer will change lives for ever . . .

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