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Ivy Mason is no stranger to trouble--though so far she's always managed to outrun or outsmart it. Now a nasty man-made virus and an FBI manhunt have her desperate for a cure and on the run for her freedom. Even her romance with British secret agent Devon Clay may have deadly consequences, placing her squarely in the crosshairs of a shadowy international assassin, Vega. Devon is determined to take Vega out, but first he must make sure beautiful Ivy is out of danger. When she escapes FBI custody, the couple rekindles their passion and sets off on a pulse-pounding adventure across the United States and around the globe. En route, Ivy and Devon discover new truths about their nemeses--revelations that will test the limits of their love. In this thrilling conclusion to the Tangled Ivy trilogy, Ivy Mason learns that the path to justice--and love--is more complicated and fraught with danger than she ever could have imagined.
Edgar-nominated author Ashley Weaver delights readers with the sleuthing of husband and wife pair Milo and Amory Ames. A high society couple in 1930s England, Milo's devilish good looks and reputation as a ladies’ man has Amory questioning if their marriage will go the distance. But the Ames seem drawn to mysterious circumstances, and when murderers are on the prowl, Amory's appetite for curiosity and Milo's cool charm prove a combination that killers would do well to fear. Here together for the first time in an incredible, low-priced eBook bundle are the Amory Ames mysteries: Murder at the Brightwell: Unhappy in her marriage to playboy Milo Ames, Amory Ames agrees to accompany her ex-fiance to the English seaside. But the quiet vacation with friends quickly turns into the scene of a murder, and Milo’s unexpected arrival may give Amory the partner she needs to make sure the murderer won’t go free. Death Wears a Mask: Amory Ames finds herself drawn into another investigation when her mother’s friend Serena Barrington asks her to look into the disappearance of valuable jewelry snatched at a dinner party. They lay a trap to catch the culprit at a lavish masked ball, but when one of the illustrious guests is murdered, Amory and Milo are pulled back into the world of detection. A Most Novel Revenge: Amory and Milo Ames are intending to winter quietly in Italy--until their plans are derailed, by an urgent summons to a grand English country house. Waiting for them there is a notorious socialite, an incriminating novel, and undercover killer.
In the near future, with the earth’s climate coming apart, teenage Seer Jasmine Guzman learns that she holds the key that could save everyone — or cost her everything. Includes: Finding Jade In the year 2030, Jasmine is busy with her sick mother, her missing twin sister, and a series of events that have her questioning her sanity. Until she meets Raphael, who reveals that Jasmine is a talented Seer and that her sister isn’t missing at all ... she’s in the Place-in-Between, where the demons dwell. Solomon's Ring Reunited twin sisters Jasmine and Jade, along with the other Seers and Protectors, are in a race against time to retrieve and return a stolen ring of great power that is being used to control a demon army intent on taking their souls. It’s a struggle for survival in a dystopian near-future as the final battle looms ahead. Darkness Rising Jasmine, Jade, and the other Seers find themselves in a world where the lines between truth and fiction, good and evil, and the planes of existence — including the Earth and the Place-In-Between — are fading. They don’t know who to trust — even amongst themselves.
Super senior sleuth Ivy Malone is spunkier than Miss Marple, with a curiosity that just won't quit. That inquisitiveness has gotten her into plenty of trouble, including murder, mayhem, and a place on a mini-Mafia hit list. Now Ivy's headed across the country with a stray cat and God as her only companions. But just when she thinks she's safe, two dead bodies turn up-discovered by Ivy, of course. A flock of emus, a survivalist outpost, and paintball are just a few of the strange things Ivy has to deal with in order to solve this latest crime. But will anyone believe the truth? On the Run, the third book in the Ivy Malone mysteries, is a mix of great fun and great suspense. Readers will love Ivy's latest lively adventure.
Welcome to the 3 Books To Know series, our idea is to help readers learn about fascinating topics through three essential and relevant books. These carefully selected works can be fiction, non-fiction, historical documents or even biographies. We will always select for you three great works to instigate your mind, this time the topic is: Post-Apocalyptic Fiction. Jack London's book place in 2073, sixty years after an uncontrollable epidemic has depopulated the planet. A former English professor is one of the survivors and he travels with his grandsons. The teacher tells the grandchildren the story of how the plague spread and how the world was before the devastation. In After London a long forgotten catastrophe devastates Europe and returns cities to nature. Good news for nature, bad news for human survivors, who live in an almost medieval state. The inventor of modern science fiction, Mary Shelley, also describes a world ravaged by disease where human societies invade into a state of horror and barbarism. This is one of many books in the series 3 Books To Know. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the topics.
Shunned and ridiculed ever since a fairy mistakenly bit her, Ally leaves her village knowing it's the only way her family can resume their normal lives. She heads to Wendal, hoping the shifters there won’t care about the little problems associated with a fairy bite. Before she is even halfway there, she discovers that the fairies may not be finished ruining her life. If she wants to leave Birk, she’ll first have to contend with the little people, a very ornery gargoyle, more than one prince and, of all things, an enraged dragon.

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