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By the nature of where it spends its life, outdoor furniture has to be designed, first and foremost, to withstand its toughest enemy--the elements. This book includes projects for durable outdoor chairs, benches, tables, swings, gliders, and other garden structures.
Each Missing Shop Manual will cover everything your new tool was designed to do along with the tips and techniques for maximizing its performance with jigs and fixtures. In this book, readers will find information on setting up a lathe, as well as safety and sharpening tips.
Covering everything you need to get the most out of your tools, the Missing Shop Manual Series goes beyond basic safety and set up. From basic holes and driving screws to joinery and mortising, you'll discover the techniques and tips you need to maximize your drill's performance.
Covering everything you need to get the most out of using your glue and clamps, the Missing Shop Manual Series explains how to best utillize these two essential workshop tools. From gluing boards to using clamps in furniture repair, you'll discover the techniques and tips you need to achieve woodworking success.
Covering everything you need to get the most our of your circular saw and jig saw, the Missing Shop Manual Series goes beyond basic safety, assembly, and set-up. From ripping wood to circle cutting, you'll discover the techniques and tips to maximize your saw's performance.
Selected as a Gardens Illustrated Recommended Read Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture covers twenty step-by-step, fully illustrated projects with hundreds of clear and easy-to-follow photographs. Finished pieces include simple items include a trellis, a flower box, and a plant stand and more complicated projects include a chaise lounge, a sectional with built-in storage, and a slat bench. Katie Jackson's projects are simple, clean, and timeless and work well within a wide variety of styles. Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture is the perfect primer for people new to woodworking, DIYers, and homeowners looking for a simple and affordable to decorate their space.
There s nothing more satisfying than using your Maker or woodworking skills to build beautiful, timeless outdoor furniture that will transform a backyard, deck, or pation into an outdoor living space that will be proudly used all season long. Edited by Tim Snyder, Building Outdoor Furniture, features more than two-dozen classic projects that are easy-to-build, sturdy enough to withstand the elements, and sure to be as beloved and long-lasting as any piece of furniture in the home. With detailed plans, helpful photos, and step-by-step instructions offering guidance every step of the way, Building Outdoor Furniture delivers projects that range from the quick and easy to the more challenging so that there s something for every skill level and every need. Projects include iconic Adirondeck and sling chairs, a garden bench, porch swing, potting table, and other classic pieces along with some fun outliers like a picnic basket and a croquet set. Perfect for the DIY-er, hands-on homeowner, and new or experienced woodworker, Building Outdoor Furniture is the ideal project book for anyone building classic and affordable pieces to decorate their outdoor living space."
A collection of classic, informative articles from Fine Woodworking magazine. This series is designed for easy reference and organized for quick access. All six volumes are highly practical and easy to use; together they form a cornerstone woodworking library.
“The book is useful and may inspire do-it-yourselfers to attempt projects not otherwise contemplated. This book is appropriate for intermediate to advanced woodworkers; recommended.”—Library Journal. “It’s a great marriage: handsome photographs paired with clear instructions; wit paired with clean-lined design....The 30 projects include tables, chairs, benches, and planters, in addition to a cart, swing, and hammock stand....Diagrams are exquisitely clear, and if you have decent carpentry skills, the authors will walk you through the rest.”—Home.
Lawrence Anthony's South African game reserve is home to many animals he has saved, from a remarkable herd of elephants to a badly behaved bushbaby called George. Described as 'the Indiana Jones of conservation', when one of his rhinos was brutally slaughtered for her horn, he didn't hesitate to lead an armed response against the poachers. Then he learned that there were only a handful of northern white rhinos left in the wild, living in an area of the Congo controlled by the infamous Lord's Resistance Army and soon to be hunted into extinction. Lawrence knew he had to take action. What followed was an extraordinary adventure, as he headed into the jungle to negotiate with the rebels, while battling to save his own animals from terrible drought and to save the eyesight of his beloved elephant matriarch Nana. The Last Rhinos is peopled with unforgettable characters, both human and animal, and is a sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always exciting read. 'Anthony was a charismatic figure whose life combined Gerald Durrell-esque animal antics with Wilbur Smith bush heroics . . . a rattling read with an urgent message' BBC Wildlife Magazine
The Deal: Jake Morgan, ex-cop, gambler, and casino dealer, reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on his boss’s great-niece during her visit to Vegas. When someone keeps trying to accost them and the bruises escalate with each encounter, Jake realizes that it isn’t a simple case of mistaken identity. To make things worse, his precocious Britney look-a-like charge has a crush on him, leaving Jake in a quandary as he tries to unravel a mystery that began fifty years earlier . . . Back in the ‘50s, Chicago mobster Carmine Bonello embezzled funds from his mob’s Vegas operations to plan for his family’s future. When he suddenly vanished and his wife Olivia found her every move monitored, she realized that Chi-Town not only wanted answers, but also their money back. Fifty years later, Olivia is still worried — and wondering. Did she misjudge Carmine? Did he leave his family for a mistress and the stash as rumour suggested, or did he die a lonely death? When she falls ill, Olivia calls her only granddaughter to her side. Those watching think a family secret will soon be passed on to the last of the Bonellos . . . Bullets fly, bodies fall, and Jake soon discovers the final piece of the puzzle: a cache worth millions. But is it worth his life?
Chester L. Schneider, M.D., was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1922. As he states, "I came to know Christ as my Savior at age 12 and believed, at age 18, that God led me into full-time Christian service. This was implemented by graduation from Wheaton College (IL) in 1943 after God's further leading was toward medical missionary service. Shortly after graduating from medical school in 1947, I married a young lady I had met at Wheaton. We served Christ for 19 years in rural Alaska, I as a medical missionary. "I followed those years with embarking on the residency-trained, full-time practice of clinical psychiatry for 22 years in suburban Philadelphia. Retirement came at age 73 in 1995. My wife and I moved into a retirement community near Lancaster, PA. "Then came the urge to chronicle those years with two non-fiction books: MY ALASKA YEARS, published in 2001, followed two years later by THE MAKING OF A CHRISTIAN PSYCHIATRIST, both autobiographical. "For decades previously, I had been annoyed by the way we humans, Christians included, could be so thoughtlessly glib in so many things we, I included, both did and said. This resulted in WHADDYA MEAN BY THAT? containing 26 question-titled chapters aimed at stirring the thought patterns of readers. "So now, well into my eighties, comes the urge to write a novel. THE LAST STOP? focuses on a God-honoring farming family and their diversities, leading ultimately to life in a retirement community. Many of the couple's experiences there reflected many of my observations during the twelve years my first wife and I lived in such a place. Travel with me as I depict life's experiences of this farm family."

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