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In Natural Solutions to PMS Marilyn Glenville, the UK's leading nutritional therapist, explains that the discomfort and pain associated with the menstrual cycle is not inevitable. She shows you simple nutritional and lifestyle changes you can make that will balance your hormones and relieve your symptoms. From breast pain to fluctuating moods, and from weight gain to fatigue, Marilyn Glenville details a thoroughly researched and tested programme to get your symptoms under control. Discover: How to get rid of your symptoms permanently; Which tests, supplements, herbs and nutrition will make a difference; Why premenstrual symptoms occur and why conventional treatments are rarely effective; How to get your hormones back in balance; How to relieve specific symptoms.
Presents an 8-step integrative approach for getting and staying pregnant, which focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, removing environmental toxins, and medical screening. Women's health expert Dr. Glenville outlines in detail what may be hindering pregnancy, what you and your partner should be tested for and when, and how to tailor the program to you based on particular factors such as age, medical history, and lifestyle.--From publisher description.
• Comprehensive information on the health challenges today's women face throughout life, all in an easy-to-follow, A-to-Z format • Guidelines for finding the best possible specialist for your reproductive and sexual health needs, whether you are seeking a gynecologist, genetic counselor, endocrinologist, or midwife • Includes helpful "what to ask your doctor" checklists and timetables for medical exams and screenings • An overview of the state of women's health today—from such conditions as amenorrhea to infertility to premature ovarian failure to breast cancer—including the latest research and resources
No woman looks forward to the menopause, but it is a natural process, not a disease, and as Overcoming the Menopause Naturally explains, there are natural ways of coping with any unpleasant symptoms. After explaining in simple terms the changes that take place, Dr Shreeve goes on to dispel as a myth the idea that the menopause means frustration, misery and loss of attractiveness. She describes it instead as an important milestone that marks a stage of physical and emotional maturity and the beginning of the prime of a woman's life. Her advice on the use of alternative therapies such as naturotherapy, herbal medicine and relaxation techniques will appeal to any woman who wants to avoid the side-effects of artificial hormones.
No More PMS! No more symptoms No more suffering-within 4 months. Maryon Stewart and her team at The Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service have pioneered a highly successful programme to overcome pre-menstrual syndrome, enabling nine out of ten women to find relief within 4 months. No More PMS! draws on over 14 years of scientifically ground –breaking work from the WNAS programme. It will enable you to devise a tailor-made diet to overcome PMS and includes the latest advice on: ·The cause of PMS ·In-depth personal stories ·Precise dietary changes, supported by scientific explanation ·The role of supplements ·Why regular exercise is so important
Published research now supports the fact that menopausal symptoms can be overcome without having to resort to HRT, and in a way which still offers protection from both heart disease and osteoporosis in the long term. Despite this, the alternative approach is not widely known and is certainly not widely practised. Over the last thirteen years, the WNAS has pioneered an exceedingly simple, workable and enjoyable programme to help alleviate symptoms of both the perimenopause and the menopause, no matter how severe. This includes making specific dietary changes including adding to the diet those foods that are rich in phytoestrogens; taking nutritional supplements; moderate weight-bearing exercise and a regular relaxation programme. Cruising Through the Menopause explains this programme clearly and also describes the pros and cons of taking HRT so that women everywhere can make informed choices about how they wish to tackle the menopause. It also includes numerous menu plans as well as over 80 delicious recipes.

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