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The art of making sugar skulls to honor the dead has been a long-standing tradition for Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Included in this kit is everything you need to paint a mini-size sugar skull including 4 pots of paint, 1 paintbrush, gems and sequins, 1 pot of glitter, 1 piece of ribbon, and a skull. Also included is an illustrated 32-page book on the history of sugar skulls and how to decorate your own.
You Are 1-Click Away From Entering Into An Exotic World Of Creative Self Expression With This Quirky Coloring Book That Features Exclusively Unique Handmade Sugar Skulls Designs That Will Put You In A Trance-Like State That Will Effectively Melt Away All The Stress, Anxiety, Depression And More! Coloring has repeatedly been proven to be highly effective in combating stress, anxiety, depression and related mental health conditions. So why don't you take it a notch higher by coloring a sugar skulls themed coloring book that will not only help you fight these problems but also bring out your quirky self whether you are celebrating Halloween, the Day of the Dead or any other special day that you want some quirkiness? You could make it a birthday gift, a coloring book for your family, coloring book for the festivities like Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving and just about anything else! With 40 creative sugar skulls, you can be sure to have hours upon hours of coloring fun that will effectively immerse you into a new world where you enjoy every coloring moment whether you are painting alone or with other people. Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning masterpieces that effectively help you to unwind and focus after a long day's work or on those lazy days when you just want to stay in bed all day! The book features: 40 pages of unique handmade, never seen before designs of sugar skulls that are complete with full psychedelic details that will effectively take you to a happy place of coloring, shading and patterning Handmade sugar skull designs specially optimized for effortless stress reduction High-resolution printing on high quality coloring paper that won't make you want to pull your hair off as it is suitable for pencils, markers, gel pens, water colors, fine liners and more Beautiful artwork and designs that you will find easy to color An ideal size to allow you to move around with it easily Designs are on one side only to all you to remove pages at will for framing or anything else Sugar skulls designs of varying difficult ranging from simple to difficult And many others! So grab your pens and pencils and jump right into the new realm of experiencing creative fun and peace with this sugar skulls coloring book for adults. Remember; there is a lot you can do with the contents of this book. For instance, you could use them for your embroidery projects, glass etching pattern ideas, shrink art designs, canvas paintings, meringue powder skull designs, paint your dinnerware, flowerpots, and much more with the sugar skull designs in this book! Simply let your imagination go wild! You could even come up with your own designs then use what's in the book for inspiration! Your creativity is your only limit! You could buy one for yourself and or gift someone this special handmade gift for any of their special occasions! Are you ready? Click Buy Now to start letting your imagination run wild!
Sugar Skulls Design and Coloring Book features 30 illustrations. The designs in this book can be used for more than just coloring. Use them as idea templates for shrink art designs, glass etching pattern ideas, embroidery projects, your own meringue powder skull designs or canvas paintings. You can even paint sugar skull designs on flower pots or dinnerware (with food safe paint)! When it comes to sugar skull art, you're only limited by your imagination. Have a blast coming up with your own design ideas and use the skulls featured in this book as inspiration.
Create your own patterns, charts and design elements for Day of the Dead themed needlework in this specialized sketchbook. Featuring 20 individual stitch count grid templates on 10-Square graph paper with a silhouette of a Sugar Skull. Add your own colorful details to the pre-made skeleton head. Use the conversion charts to convert the 62 x 88 count pattern into multiple fabric count sizes. The book includes image and total fabric sizes for many different types of fabric choices, over both one and over two, from 8 to 40 count fabrics or linens. Each sketching panel is partnered with a Floss Chart for planning your supplies list or embroidery floss colors. Supply information such as strand count, brand name, inventory number, color description and alternate color options can recorded for each new stitchery drawing. A perfect book for planning your own traditional Mexican Catrina painted skull fiber art projects. Start creating your own unique Sugar Skull charts right away!
From the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, and Willa-nominated author Denise Hamilton comes SUGAR SKULL Acclaimed by award committees and critics for her groundbreaking The Jasmine Trade, Denise Hamilton returns with a penetrating new Eve Diamond crime novel sure to confirm her reputation as a rising star. Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond usually works out of the paper's San Gabriel Valley bureau, but she's taking a weekend shift downtown when a distraught Vincent Chevalier breaks through security and demands her help. His fifteen-year-old daughter, Isabel, is missing, and the cops won't go looking for her until forty-eight hours have passed. The man thinks he knows where she might be -- with some runaways in a dismal squat in East Hollywood. He wants Eve as his witness when he enters the squat and tries to bring Isabel home. Eve senses a possible story: Why would a privileged young girl from Pasadena spend time with the down-and-outs in East Hollywood? But there will be no interview with Isabel. Isabel is dead, her body wrapped in a dirty futon and abandoned in a derelict basement. Eve's questions have only begun. What brought the blond-haired teenager to such a tragic, early demise? Did a man named Finch, who's had past arrests for drugs, burglary, and theft, have something to do with Isabel's murder? What about her father? There's something unsettling about him. And what was Isabel's relationship with Paolo Langdon, her schoolmate and the son of a socialite hostess and a prominent politician? Even as Eve must fight against powerful forces that want her off the story, she finds herself emotionally drawn to the brooding scion of a Mexican music-promotion titan. It's dangerous to mix professional with personal, but Silvio Aguilar is hard to resist. And in his world, in the little sugar skull confections that commemorate the Mexican Day of the Dead, Eve may find some clue to a killer. Written with the authenticity and bold strokes that Denise Hamilton has made her own, Sugar Skull is much more than a triumphant crime novel -- it's a dazzling portrait of a city full of diversity. Rich with nuance and insight, this is compelling, illuminating crime writing at its best.
Unleash your inner makeup diva at Halloween with your very own book of makeup charts just like the ones pro makeup artists use! Design and customize fabulous looks with colored pencils, markers, crayons, even real makeup! Makeup charts feature a 2-page layout, including designated note sections so you can keep track of products/colors used, and more. WHO NEEDS THIS? Advanced Face Painters - display a book of your premium designs! Dia de los Muertos - sketch your ideas for sugar skull designs. Horror Makeup Addicts - imagine your own favorite makeup ideas. WHATS INSIDE? Table of contents to list designs/clients. Fifteen (15) 2-page layouts, featuring a full size face chart and notes. Notes sections to record: client / design, date, theme / genre, detailed description, product list, social media feedback, and follow up section. Additional area for detail, close-up sketches.
Fernando Vicente is an artist based in Madrid. Perhaps more widely known for his illustrative work, he will be collaborating with Roads Publishing on his first book of paintings. It is his painting work - specifically three series: ' Atlas', 'Anatomies', and 'Vanitas' that is the focus of his title with Roads.

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