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In this groundbreaking personal development book, influential teacher and physician Deepak Chopra, explores how our hearts have lost their centre and why love so often falls short of filling a deep, aching need within us. He also explains how we can find the love we long for, one which is rich and meaningful, satisfying and lasting - by restoring to love its missing element: spirituality. In presenting the long-forgotten, timeless laws of love, together with practical suggestions for bringing them into our lives, Deepak Chopra shows us how to transform our lives forever - and the lives of those whom we love.
Find a Soul Mate and Get in a Committed Relationship! In Power Path to Love you will find: Power Principles that help you attract and bond with a mate How to overcome negative self talk and body image Easy and fun methods to connect to your Inner Power and self-worth Real life stories of people who have found long-term relationships What bonds two people together Concrete examples of common dating and relationship mistakes How to love yourself and attract love from others Ways to get on thePower Path to Love
I found God. I know, I'd said it once before, to get out of trouble, but this time it's true. I was drawn to a church, and this one hymn, about saving a wretch like me, touched me. So did the reverend, speaking about love, redemption, mercy and grace. It was nothing like the church my mother dragged me to as a kid, trying to keep me from the family life of petty crime. Next thing I knew, tears were rolling down my face as I felt...healed. But does my stiff-necked parole officer believe me? No! How can I convince Brandon Fairchild that this conversion—and the feelings I'm having for this good-looking man—aren't just a con game?
When you are on the Path to Knowing with your eyes open, what do you see? What do you allow? What do you need to do to have love flow within? All of us tend to judge with the "rights" and "wrongs" that have been instilled in us. But, as we move further on our path to knowing, we begin to understand the deeper meaning of life and develop the trust that everything in this creation has its own perfect time to bloom. As we begin to anchor on this trust, we feel the love and allow ourselves "to be...who we've come to be," and allow others, "to be...who they've come to be." Ring of Life: Path to Love is the second book in the Ring of Life collection. Ring of Life: Path to Knowing inspires us to develop the vision to see the prevailing purpose behind our being and the deeper meaning of our lives. Ring of Life: Path to Love takes us further on the path to broaden our view and provide us with the necessary insight to feel joy and "be one with Love."
The book explains the meaning of a spiritual life, and provides a way for people to get together with like-minded friends to practice its principles. Through understanding and practice, the book promotes the chance to transform daily life, to give meaning to its experiences, and to find happiness in the service of others. The teachings can apply equally to Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, Hindus or Humanists, as long as it is accepted that the essential principle of the cosmos is love, a love both detached and personal, all-pervasive and specific. wisdom that can be learned (first third of the book). The exercises have been tested out over a period of four years in workshops in several European countries and at the Findhorn Foundation.
Join Deepak Chopra on a wondrous journey. . . "The Path to Love." Philosophical, inspiring, and ultimately very practical, The Path to Love is a book that can change lives as it invites the spirit to work its wonders on the most complex and richly rewarding terrain of all: the human heart.
ON A PATH TO LOVE is a spiritual fantasy. Seven-year-old Emery wants to know what love is. Emery sneaks out of the house and walks into a dense green forest. Will Emery find out what love is? Find out the answer on a path to love. DISCLAIMER: This book has 3 chapters for a total of 455 words.

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