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Playful and engaging titles from the award-winning author/illustrator Jane Cabrera. Die-cuts on alternate spreads create a joyous guessing game parents can play with their baby. Peek through the cut-out holes, then turn the page to discover the surprise!
Darren and his friends Stacy, Tom and Julie liked to hang out at the old abandoned plantation home just a mile from the town’s cemetery on Halloween night. They liked to party and tell ghost stories until dawn. Darren decided the next time they went back to the plantation to do what they have always done for years is surprise his friends with a Ouija board, and maybe this time would be different. He could not have been more right. The following Saturday was Halloween so Darren called his three friends on the phone and said he had a surprise that he would tell them about when they all arrived at the plantation tonight at midnight. Darren and his friends all piled in their cars with excitement on their faces barreling down the old country gravel road while a storm was brewing out in the distance. The closer they got to the plantation the more intense the storm got. Darren’s friends arrived about ten minutes before midnight, but Darren wanted to be the first one there to set up the Ouija board, so he had arrived fifteen minutes before his friends did. Darren placed the Ouija board on the dusty floor of the plantation with candles lit around the Ouija board. Stacy, Tom and Julie finally arrived right on time just as the rain was pouring down on their cars. Everyone got their umbrellas out and dashed out of their vehicles up the steps to the plantation. Darren heard his friends cars pull up to the plantation, so he greeted them all at the front door to let them in for the big surprise. Stacy, Tom and Julie shook off their umbrellas and Darren said “Come on in and I’ll show you my surprise for you all?” They all approached the study and went inside. There lying in the middle of the dusty floor with candles lit around it was the Ouija board. Darren said “Well, what do you all think?” Julie chimed in and said, “A Ouija board is just a dumb stupid game that don’t make ghosts appear. If I’d known in advance I would have just stayed home and watched TV.” Tom and Stacy agreed with Julie and they all headed to the front door of the plantation to leave, but the door locked as they approached it. Darren said “Humor me, and I’ll make a deal with you if this Ouija board can’t bring forth any ghosts, we’ll break out a window and leave?” Everyone agreed and came back into the study and sat around the Ouija board ready for a night they will never live to tell about. Question after question was asked to the Ouija board, but just as Stacy was ready to get up and leave, Julie chimed in and said “Let me ask it this question, “Was someone murdered in the plantation?”
Playful babies hide behind shoes, a large cookie, and toys as they search for a nose and toes, an abdomen, eyes, and a smiling mouth. On board pages.
Baby shower gift? Solved! Bedtime book? Solved! Welcome to "Welcome, Baby", an adorable new range of novelty board books - the go-to baby gift for busy families. Parents and loved ones looking for a baby gift will love this engaging board book with extra-large, sturdy tabs that turn into lift-the-flaps for a fun-filled game of peek-a-boo. Babies and toddlers will enjoy lifting the over-sized flaps and playing peek-a-boo with a cast of adorable animals on each page. And all that lifting will lead to learning! The game of peek-a-boo helps babies understand "object permanence", an important developmental stage where babies learn that a thing can exist even if they can't see it. Peek-a-Boo, Me and You is the perfect way to stimulate a baby's mind through simple repetition and play. Also in the series: * Hello, Bunny * Love You, Baby * Bedtime, Baby
More beloved novelty board books from Bestselling creator Sandra Magsamen! A heartfelt twist on the classic game of peek-a-boo! Who is just cute as can be? Peek-a-boo, I love you! The sweetest baby in the world to me! Now with brand-new refreshed art, this bestselling interactive novelty format with a plush heart on the cover and sturdy lift-the-flaps on each spread blends a heartfelt messages of love with a sweet game of peek-a-boo. Little ones will squeal with delight when a surprise mirror reveals which little baby is loved most of all!
A playful book full of warmth, laughter, and sweet surprises. It will put a smile on your face everytime you read it.
Happy, playful babies hide behind a toy boat, a teddy bear, a beach ball, and other toys. On board pages.

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