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Offers planting plans and plant descriptions to maximize the effects of color in a perennial garden
There is an abundance of inspiration in the 100 combinations featured in this book. Each grouping is an actual garden scene that combines two, three, or more perennials in colorful tableaux that span the gardening year, from earliest spring to the onset of winter. All 100 entries identify each of the main plants by both common and botanical names, specify the care and conditions they require, and indicate when the combination reaches its peak of beauty.
Planning a spectacular perennial garden just got easier! Forget the time-consuming research needed to determine if one short, spreading flower will look good with a tall, stately grass. Plantswoman Nancy J. Ondra has spent 30 years experimenting with plant combinations, and she shares her one-plant-at-a-time approach for choosing plant partners--think of it as a favorite perennial looking for friends! By focusing first on one perennial and its attributes, gardeners can select companion plants that complement it to create an endless number of groupings with eye-catching color combinations, dramatic textural displays, and stunning seasonal effects. The Perennial Matchmaker features 90 individual perennial profiles, 300 exquisite photographs of plant partnerships, and Ondra's insight into the array of plants, including annuals, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, and other perennials, that make great combinations. Each profile features dozens of ideas for pairings, the reasons why the pairings will work, and region-specific choices. Whether you are just starting with perennials or are a long-time gardener who wants to elevate plantings for a more cohesive look, The Perennial Matchmaker is the go-to guide for creating stunning plant medleys.
Perennials are permanent fixtures in most home gardens, making this complete guide a perfect fit for any home gardener's library. This book will be a comprehensive and accessible reference for planning, planting, and caring for the most popular perennial plants, from the common hibiscus and peony, to new, must-grow varieties. With an easy-to-navigate package, in-depth coverage of basic techniques, and up-to-date information on new varieties and trends, it is perfect for gardeners of all skill levels, from novice to expert. Filled with colorful diagrams, helpful checklists that make shopping and planning a breeze, and easy-to-follow directions for all kinds of projects, it's the perfect guide to planning and maintaining a beautiful home garden, year after year. Chapters will include a primer on understanding perennials, guidance on selecting the best perennials for your region and situation, inspirational ideas for design, including color combinations and plant pairings. An entire chapter of plant-by-numbers plans will provide step-by-step guidance and inspiration for home garden designs. Special features include lists of top perennial plants and at-a-glance seasonal maintenance charts. More than 700 gorgeous color photos throughout, including a plant encyclopedia that features hundreds of perennials, categorized for convenience.
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Discusses how to design a garden using perennials, providing samples of different garden styles, and more

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