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Phillippa Grogan is the face and name behind Phillippa's, a well-respected bakery known for its delicious range of traditional baked goods - breads, cakes and pastries made with true craft, care and the finest ingredients. In this inspiring and generous book, written with Richard Cornish, Phillippa shares more than 140 reliable recipes from Australia, New Zealand and beyond, gathered from family, friends and her travels. What's more, she hands on her precious baking wisdom, from baker to baker, to guarantee you'll enjoy all the rewards of successful home baking for your loved ones.
A Culinary Cornucopia of Questions. Is pork butt the new pork belly? Whose room temperature are we talking about? And can you freeze cheese? (Yes, but why would you want to?) These are some of the burning questions at the heart of every kitchen. Food science, etiquette, mythbusting, history and common sense-there is no subject too big or too sma...
When food writer Richard Cornish was so overcome by the aroma of the roast leg of lamb he had buckled into the passenger seat next to him that he pulled over to the side of the road and tore it apart with his bare hands, he knew he had a problem. He began to examine what it means to eat meat by becoming vegetarian for a year. My Year Without Meat is a surprising and bittersweet journey that changed Richard's body, his values and how he cooks. It's a meditation on ethical meat, an ode to vegetables and a cautionary tale about our relationship to food—as told by a self-confessed meat lover. Peppered with funny anecdotes, eye-opening facts and conversations with some of Australia's best local producers, farmers and top chefs, My Year Without Meat thoughtfully explores how and why Australians consume food the way we do. It will make you rethink the contents of your supermarket trolley, how you prepare your evening meal and where your food comes from.
The Goods has the lowdown on Melbourne's top food shops. Perfect pies, flipping fresh fish, tequila lollipops, golden olive oils, scrumptious take-home meals and the best haggis in town - you'll find all these and more in this lively, information-packed book.
The author takes us on a lazy meander up the West coast to her beach house in paternoster to sample and savour some of the bounty of the West coast. From salt pans in Veldrif, dairy farms in St Helena Bay and watching the flamingos at sunset, home-made jams, feta, rusks and wholesome brown bread, farm butter, korrelkonfyt, pickles, smoked snoek and poached quince slices, delicacies to inspire abound. the recipes are relaxed and varied from a hearty flavoursome slowcooked lamb in winter to a barbecue in summer with ice-cream in cones or an indulgent baked warm pudding to finish.
Everyone knows about Santa Claus, but how much do you know about his elves? Isn't it about time the unsung hero's of Christmas got there side told? Follow the climb of Franklin to become the North Poles Head Elf. This book is a biography of the Head Elf from Santa PLC filling in the blanks based on reader feedback.

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