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The short biographies in Australian Children's Authors are arranged alphabetically. They include a brief description of the genre and style of each author, and a select bibliography of their publications. Children can browse through the list and look for an author whose work they would like to read. They can also find out about the history of writing for children in Australia. Included are tips for writing your own books and explanations that reveal how a writer turns thoughts into a finished book. Famous Australians presents short biographies of people who have made notable contributions to society, and who have helped make sport and children's literature such important and popular aspects of Australian culture.
The first publication for twelve year-old Jacob Lonnen. Full of fantasy characters, animals and adventures; the illustrations, poetry and literary content were in the main completed before the authors last birthday. A must read for children of all ages!
We Are Poets! is Helên's sparkling collection for younger readers. It features a selection of children's poems, ranging from the floor-filling anthemic action poem 'Everybody Everywhere Stomp Your Feet!' to the calming, chill-out poetry of 'Memory Beach'. The book showcases a variety of poetic styles including narrative verse, limericks, rap, and there's even a villanelle in there! The poems introduce a wide range of fantastic characters including rock-star silk worms, obese fruit bats, myopic professors and lots of naughty, grubby, scabby children. WINNER Book of the Month Award, The Poetry Kit, June 2008 "Playing with structure and form she produces magical poetry which shows how relevant poetry can be. It's fun, it's amazing, it's Helên on top form. Great illustrations... This is a collection that should be in every school library." - Jim Bennett, The Poetry Kit "I love your poems so much, I think you deserve a treat." - Yr 1 pupil at Holy Spirit Primary School, Merseyside
Arlo Moore has resolved to break the world record for eating bananas—consuming seventeen in two minutes should be easy, right? Arlo Moore’s favorite book of all time is TheGuinness Book of World Records, and as bananas are his favorite food, he has memorized the record for eating bananas. While gearing up to start his fifth grade year, Arlo suddenly has a crazy thought: He should break the world record for banana eating and become famous! His brother and sister think he’s crazy for even trying, and they bet Arlo that he can’t break the record in three weeks. Arlo hates when people tell him he can’t do something, and so he agrees. Soon, he will be a world champion. It’s going to take all of Arlo’s concentration and all of his awesome banana-eating powers to break this record and win the bet—and maybe capture the attention of the pretty new girl in school, too. But when everyone starts betting on Arlo’s chances of beating the record, his principal forbids him from training at school. With everyone against him, can Arlo still succeed and become famous?
Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.

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