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This expressive novel follows John Ryan as he narrates his journey from adolescence to adulthood, detailing his struggles with an oppressive mother, his early sexual confusion and experimentation, and his family's and society's view of homosexuality as a shamefully perversion. It dramatically unfolds with expert attention to emotional nuance and colorful dialogue. The reader is immediately immersed in the darkness and claustrophobia of the narrator's world. The scenes detailing John's sexual experiences are vivid and intense; they are each unique and psychologically revealing. Though Youth is Gone is a compelling and interesting emotional portrait of a boy/man's journey.
In this engaging and highly-illustrated volume, Dirk Meier brings to life the world of the medieval seaman, based on evidence from ship excavations and contemporary accounts of voyages.
Presents the story of the Whydah, a slave ship that was captured by pirates in 1717 and soon after, packed with plunder, was sunk by a brutal storm, and describes the expedition to locate the wreck and what it has uncovered.
Captivating, well-documented study focuses on piracy among Spain's Pacific coast colonies, ranging from Panama to points north. Colorful narrative traces exploits of Elizabethan pirates, Dutch raiders, mercenary buccaneers, and English privateers and smugglers.
Violence at Sea is an overview of maritime piracy, examining threats that piracy poses to global security and commerce, as well as measures and policies to mitigate the threat. The essays analyze piracy activities in key shipping lanes (including the African coast, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Straits of Malacca-South China Sea); piratical groups and their capabilities; case studies on overlaps between piracy, terrorism, and organized crime; legal and policy hurdles to combating piracy; tactical recommendations for combating piracy; and new trends and developments in the area. The counter response to maritime terrorism has been slow in coming, hampered by issues rooted in sovereignty, the laws of the sea, and the inherent challenges of international coordination. Yet given the likelihood that threats posed by piracy will not recede, but rather increase, all actors affected by maritime security will, sooner or later, need to address these challenges.

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