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'Be short, be simple, be human.' When Sir Ernest Gowers first wrote Plain Words, it was intended simply as a guide to the proper use of English for the Civil Service. Within a year, however, its humour, charm and authority had made it a bestseller. Since then it has never been out of print. Six decades on, writer Rebecca Gowers has created a new edition of this now-classic work that both revises and celebrates her great-grandfather's original. Plain Words has been updated to reflect numerous changes in English usage, yet Sir Ernest's distinctive, witty voice is undimmed. And his message remains vital: our writing should be as clear and comprehensible as possible, avoiding superfluous words and clichés - from the jargon of 'commercialese' to the murky euphemisms of politicians. In a new preface, this edition draws on an extensive private archive, previously hidden away in family cupboards and attics, to tell the story behind a book that has become an institution: the essential guide to making yourself understood.
This classic guide to the intricacies of the English language provides clear, succinct explanations of such topics as jargon, spelling, punctuation, superfluous words, the overuse or misuse of words, sexist language and the ground rules of grammar.
Draws on previously inaccessible family archives to penetrate the anonymity and public reticence of one of Britain's great twentieth century civil servants. Gowers was highly influential in public policy throughout his long civil service career, which began in 1903 and culminated in running London's civil defence throughout the Second World War.
ÒDid Jesus just misunderstand when he prayed that the kingdom was close at hand?Ó ÒWhy would God make the price of redemption the sacrifice of his own Son?Ó ÒIf Adam and Eve are not historical people does that mean that original sin does not exist?Ó ÒWhy didn't God keep his promise to David, that his line and his kingdom would be secure forever?Ó A single mistake lies behind each of these questions: an image had been understood as a fact. Through the examination of central biblical images, namely, Òcovenant,Ó Òmessiah,Ó Òkingdom,Ó Òoriginal sin,Ó and Òredemption,Ó 'Plain Words About Biblical Images' explores the role that images play in our thinking as we seek to understand spiritual realities. In the course of this study we discover that we must be willing to reinterpret our images if we want to grow into adult faith. 'Plain Words About Biblical Images' is one of the most readable books you will ever discover. Its insightfulness will help you to grow in your understanding of scripture and your ability to deal with contemporary faith issues.

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