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"The ultimate dictionary." Times Educational Supplement From the universe and our planet, to plants and animals, to the human body and the very latest in science and technology, the updated and revised Visual Dictionary is a unique encyclopedia packed with information. Not only does it tell you what a term means, it shows you with over 6,000 amazing photos and over 33,000 objects and terms defined. Discover how a plasma TV works, go inside a volcano or the latest high-tech car, see how a bronze statue is made, explore the prehistoric world and find the answers to all kinds of questions on science, art, music, sport and more. The Visual Dictionary is an unbeatable reference guide that will appeal to all the family.
This ultimate dictionary explains, defines and depicts more than 33,000 terms from the parts of a volcano to the components of an engine and offers detailed explanations and annotations of each.
Labeled pictures identify buildings, clothing, and artifacts for the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Celtic, Minoan, Grecian, Roman, Aztec, Buddhist, and Chinese civiliations.
Ultimate Visual Dictionary is a comprehensive, annotated visual dictionary of more than 33,000 commonly researched places and things, from the origins of the universe to modern technology. Organized into 14 major sections including Animals, Rail and Road, Music, and more, each has its own table of contents, enabling readers to find a pictorial definition of an object without necessarily knowing its name in advance. Can't remember the name of a kangaroo's pouch? Just flip to the "Marsupials & Monotremes" spread in Ultimate Visual Dictionary and find out. Or, turn the pages to discover the different components of the human body, identify the parts of a tractor, or figure out tricky sports terms. Stunning color photography and detailed cutaway illustrations bring complex subjects to life, alongside straightforward explanations of basic principles and ideas. With this revised edition of DK's Ultimate Visual Dictionary, readers will never again be at a loss for words.
A fully labeled collection of full-color photographs, models, and illustrations explains how plants and animals are classified and reveals what fossils and skeletons can tell us about the extinct species of the prehistoric era.
A revised and expanded edition of the classic, best-selling reference features more than six thousand full-color photographs and illustrations, with an updated section covering recent developments in computer technology, architecture, medicine, engineering, and space exploration, along with the familiar labeled and captioned entries. Reprint.
Looks at the evolution of plants and animals from the inside out.

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