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This frank and candid account describes the fifty weeks Wellens spent teaching at Chungnam Institute of Foreign Language Education, a state-of-the-art facility in Gongju, South Korea. Anyone considering teaching in a foreign country will benefit from the reading of this book as preparation for a transformative experience.
All the classics in lighter versions made with the freshest of ingredients.
In addition to tourist attractions such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, this guide presents the authentic Northern California experience. Explorer’s Guide Northern California offers the most up-to-date information on the region, from Big Sur to Yosemite, north to the Oregon Border while, urging travelers to understand the impact of their footprint on the land. With detailed descriptions of lodging options, honest reviews of restaurants, from taco trucks to upscale bistros, cultural attractions, natural wonders, recreation, transportation, history scattered throughout each listing, over 100 photos, and maps, readers will feel like they are getting a tour around this beautiful land from an old friend.
It's been said a thousand times: Indonesia is an unlikely country. Of all the countries of Asia, it is the hardest to corral. There is no point in looking for a shared history prior to the colonial period, or a shared culture, or even a certain uniformity of environment. Divided between over 13,000 islands, hundreds of languages and cultures, several time zones, and spread over an expanse of sea linking Asia with Australasia, it is truly a kaleidoscopic place.
This book is designed to contain a wide range of information of interest and practical use to those involved in business dealings with the USA. There are summaries of national and political circumstances and profiles of major industries, as well as a description of the corporate framework and the subject of business etiquette. Following on from the briefing sections are a series of guides to the country's main business centres. Each guide in this series gives an overview of the city, includes hotel and restaurant recommendations that specifically address business needs, covers all the important extras, such as sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, sports, and fitness, and includes a section on local resources and business services. There is also a planning and reference section covering entry details, transport, communications, public holidays, climate, crime and lots more.

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