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Power Plyometricsoffers a complete program for improving jumping ability and athletic power. This book includes plyometrics drills for upper and lower body, as well as for the trunk and the full body, and sport-specific programs for 16 different sports.
Features the latest research on plyometrics and describes one hundred plyometric exercises to enhance speed, quickness, strength, power, coordination, balance, and jumping capacity.
Using the latest research, top trainer Donald Chu presents the best methods, strength and power exercises, workouts, and programs for optimizing athletes’ performance. Sport-specific plans can be easily integrated into a comprehensive training program. Injury prevention and rehab protocols reduce time on the sidelines.
RAISE YOUR GAME TO A HIGHER LEVEL Successful athletes combine great skill with explosive power. If you want to improve your skills: practice, practice, practice. If you want to improve your power: doPLYOMETRICS. With over 70 exercises specially designed to enhance your speed, power, jumping and agility,Plyometrics for Athletes at All Levels gives you the winning advantage. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast or a professional athlete, these exercises--each of which is fully illustrated with step-by-step photos--are guaranteed to boost your performance. With this book, you quickly gain the ability to: Shake a defender with sharper cuts Move faster to break away from the pack Score more by adding power to your shot Elevate higher for soaring catches, slams ands spikes Deliver explosive force for crushing hits Plyometrics for Athletes at All Levels includes beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises plus 40 customized sport-specific workouts for: Baseball * Basketball *Bicycling *Field Hockey *Football * Golf * Gymnastics *Hockey *Lacrosse *Racquetball * Rugby *Skiing *Soccer *Softball *Swimming *Tennis *Track& Field *Volleyball *Wrestling
High-Powered Plyometrics presents exercises and programs used by today’s top athletes, coaches, and conditioning experts for development of explosive power, strength, and speed. Along with exclusive access to an online video library, it features 23 programs for 21 sports and the latest training methods, equipment, and assessments as well as 79 exercises for increasing power.
Demonstrates the application of plyometrics to various sports and the scientific principles behind plyometric training. Presents detailed demonstrations and explanations of various exercises.
Many coaches train primarily for strength - pressing, pulling and squatting - but without converting this maximal strength to speed and power. However, the 'holy grail' for most athletes is power, and plyometrics is the best way to achieve this. Plyometrics for Speed and Power will guide you through the basics of plyometric training through to sport-specific drills that will enhance your performance. This new book covers the history of plyometrics and the science behind it; foundation strength; plyometric equipment; warm-up techniques and performance testing. This complete guide to the basics of plyometric training through to sport-specific drills will enhance your performance, speed and power and will be of interest to all coaches and athletes. Superbly illustrated with 420 colour photographs and 30 diagrams.

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