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Let your children discover the works of poet Emily Dickinson in "Emily Dickinson." As the premier title in the Poetry for Kids series, " Emily Dickinson" introduces children to the works of poet Emily Dickinson. Poet, professor, and scholar Susan Snively has carefully chosen 35 poems of interest to children and their families. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Christine Davenier and thoroughly explained by an expert. The gentle introduction, which is divided into sections by season of the year, includes commentary, definitions of important words, and a foreword.
*Includes pictures *Includes quotes "Saying nothing...sometimes says the most." - Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was very shy and did not have many friends. Instead of visiting people or talking to them, she liked to write letters. She also liked to write poems. Her poems were different than those written by most people. She wrote in very short lines. She also made up her own grammar rules, and used capital letters, periods and commas in strange places. Sometimes she gave her poems titles and sometimes she did not. While she was still alive, she did not share her poetry with many people. Only a few of her poems were published. But when she died, her family found many, many poems they never knew about, and has them printed in books and magazines. When people read her poems, some thought there were some of the best poems ever written. They began teaching her peoms to school children, who still learn some of her work today. Many people who have read her poetry have tried to learn more about her life but Emily Dickenson is a hard person to understand. When she was a child, most girls did not go to school for very long, but Emily finished high school and went to college for a while. Many of her poems are about God and the Christian faith, but she often complained that she found it hard to understand what was going on in churches. She cared very much for the few friends that she had but she did not liked to be hugged or touched. She never got married but often wrote about love and romance. The most important thing about Emily's poems was that she used them to talk about how she felt at times when she could not share her feelings with other people. This book is the story of how Emily Dickinson lived her life. It also has pictures of her, her family and friends, and important places in her life.
An inspiring and kid-accessible biography of one of the world's most famous poets. Emily Dickinson, who famously wrote "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul," is brought to life in this moving story. In a small New England town lives Emily Dickinson, a girl in love with small things—a flower petal, a bird, a ray of light, a word. In those small things, her brilliant imagination can see the wide world—and in her words, she takes wing. From celebrated children's author Jennifer Berne comes a lyrical and lovely account of the life of Emily Dickinson: her courage, her faith, and her gift to the world. With Dickinson's own inimitable poetry woven throughout, this lyrical biography is not just a tale of prodigious talent, but also of the power we have to transform ourselves and to reach one another when we speak from the soul. • Fantastic educational opportunity to share Emily Dickinson's story and poetry with young readers • An inspirational real-life story that will appeal to children and adults alike. • Jennifer Berne is the author of critically acclaimed children's biographies of Albert Einstein and Jacques Cousteau. Fans who enjoyed Emily Writes: Emily Dickinson and her Poetic Beginnings, Emily and Carlo, and Uncle Emily will love On Wings of Words. • Books for kids ages 5–8 • Poetry for children • Biographies for children Jennifer Berne is the award-winning author of the biographies Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau and On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein. She lives in Copake, New York. Becca Stadtlander is the illustrator of many children's and young adult publications, including Sleep Tight Farm. She was born and raised in Covington, Kentucky.
Examines the life and writings of Emily Dickinson, including detailed synopses of her works, explanations of literary terms, biographies of friends and family, and social and historical influences.
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Contains a collection of poems directed towards children which include, Summer sun, The swan, Three little trees, and more.

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