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"Lemony Snicket must investigate his own possible murder by poison after receiving a suspicious note following breakfast"--
Avalanche of the Shackles unravels the struggle of a strong female protagonist who instills the ethics of forgiveness, humility, philanthropy in a world fraught with social castigation, border lines and the politics of divide and rule. This novel is one woman's courageous quest to uncover the murder of a teenage girl whose heart was gored out to replace the ailing heart of a prominent man's son. The novel brings to life the oral tradition embedded in African-American literature, its rich doctrines of historical storytelling as seen by Missy's household. Missy is the protagonist who changed her name to escape her exiled past because of her status in the community. She returns back to the land that once ostracized her to embark in full scale production, but finds herself and all her brood enslaved by the prominent man in her community. A twist of fate, however, ushers her surprises. She faces the after-effects of the Ngene Iji war while she endures the challenges of raising other people's children. She makes astonishing achievements that endear her to the entire community where she runs an orphanage and builds a home for the mentally ill. The Avalanche is the sequel to the biographical and historical sketch of the caste system that was brushed on in the Shackles of Oruku Threats. The Shackles dabbled in men's leading role in the politics of caste and class.
Queens of Fennbirn contains two gripping stories from the New York Times bestselling Three Dark Crowns universe, written by Kendare Blake. The Young Queens is the story of the three queens when they were born, before they were separated - it gives a short glimpse of the time when they all lived together, loved each other and protected one another. It's also the story of the day they were torn apart and the immediate years that followed before the opening of Three Dark Crowns. The Oracle Queen - historically, baby queens born with the sight gift were drowned. This had been the practice for hundreds of years, so long that few were even born any more, as if the Goddess knew it would be a waste. It is a harsh sentence, but necessary, for it is well-known that in a queen the sight gift will run strong. Strong enough to drive her mad. This is the tale of the last sight-gift queen to be allowed to live. She was overcome by paranoia and false visions, driven past the brink by the phantom thoughts of others in her head, so she set upon the capital with bloody ruin, murdering whole houses, whole family lines, without trial. Or at least, that is how the tale is told. This is her story.

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