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Polymer clay is a fun and easy medium for creating colorful jewelry. It can be easily molded and baked to create a myriad of beautiful jewelry designs: bracelets, necklaces, brooches, buttons, and earrings. This book tells you everything you need to know to get started and gives you 18 projects to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing! Sculpt polymer clay with your hands or with tools, add texture, mix in little elements such as sequins, and even decorate it with paint, ink, or patina Basic instructions, along with detailed information on tools and materials to get you started working with polymer clay Step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions
Create stunning jewelry with imaginative ideas! In Polymer Clay Jewelry, Debbie Jackson shows you how to create 20 gorgeous projects with an array of polymer clay and jewelry-making techniques. Using embellishments, textures, liquid polymer clay and canes, you'll create one-of-a-kind pieces including: • Hinged Dragonfly Pendant • Oriental Fan Hatpin • Embedded Bead Earrings • Eggshell Mosaic Brooch • Snakeskin Bangle Each project includes step-by-step instructions, complete supply lists, and full color photos to help you achieve professional results. Jackson also includes an inspirational gallery of polymer clay jewelry pieces using techniques featured in the book. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, this fresh approach to polymer clay techniques will provide the skills and creative spark you need to create truly extraordinary accessories.
Polymer Pizzazz is the essential resource for learning to use polymer clay. This book showcases the many ways of using the material to create beads, pendants, brooches, and earrings. A variety of techniques, such as canes, chains, and faux effects, including faux cinnabar, faux porcelain, faux lacquer, and faux stone pieces, are taught by innovative clay artists. A thorough Basics section will help beginners. Projects include making painted disk beads, marbled beads, filigree beads, and more.
Caning techniques with polymer clay allow you to create your own intricately detailed, sophisticated and chic jewelry. This clear and concise guide, by professional jewelry designer Mathilde Brun, shows you step-by-step how to make clay "canes," layers of clay strategically pressed together, to adapt into multiple jewelry pieces. Polymer clay is ideal for DIY jewelry: flexible and pliable, it permanently hardens quickly under low heat without shrinking. By making "canes" of clay, delicate patterns, like lace, are made possible with uniform results, an unattainable feat with mere brush or pencil. With simple and easy to follow directions, learn how to turn your canes into necklaces, pendants, earrings, pins, rings, and brooches. Supported by over 400 step-by-step illustrations, material lists, and instructional guidance on the cane-making, conditioning, shaping, color mixing, pattern imprinting, curing, sanding, and buffing of polymer clay, this book provides everything you need to realize your own unique jewelry and design potential.
Use texture, materials, canes, and mixed techniques to create thirty different projects in a variety of modern, sophisticated looks. Techniques for making interesting beads and pendants as well as projects combining these beads into complete sets of jewelry. How to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pins, and more.
This practical manual is an ideal guide for complete beginners to polymer clay and is crammed with easy to follow step-by-step colour photographs covering all the basic techniques.Learn the best ways to make gorgeous colour blends of clay to create beautiful flower and leaf millefiori canes. Slice the canes and shape them into beads, pendants and earrings. Sue's easy to understand style then takes you through making the jewellery by adding findings, assembling cord necklaces and forming loops. This is the first book in Sue's series "e;Polymer Clay for Beginners."e; More titles are in the works!
An introduction to the art form of polymer clay provides forty-five customizable step-by-step projects that provide a detailed overview of the craft form as applied to jewelry making, in a guide that features coverage of tools, materials, finishes, and more. Original.
Make gorgeous polymer clay jewelry with instruction and inspiration from polymer clay designers Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye. The unique and artistic techniques in Polymer Clay Art Jewelry provide new, versatile ways for creating fantastic necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more! • 16 beautiful, eye-catching jewelry projects. • 4 creative themes that appeal to a range of styles. • Polymer clay techniques that use unusual tools and tricks. • Fun and inspiring for both beginner and intermediate levels.
The art of handcrafted polymer clay jewelry is a fun and accessible way to create a range of stunning pieces from the comfort of your home. In this comprehensive guide, there are 30 main projects, each with extra projects to complete a set or to complement the main design, plus there is a wealth of advice on tools, materials and techniques, making it the perfect book for beginners. Featuring projects from a range of jewelry designers, there is bound to be something to suit everyone. Step-by-step instructions, clear step photography and handy tips throughout will ensure confidence grows until you're happy to make alterations to suit, or to design your own masterpiece from scratch!
Make gorgeous polymer clay jewelry with instruction from the author. The unique and artistic techniques in this book provide new, versatile ways for creating fantastic necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more!-beautiful, eye-catching jewelry projects.-creative themes that appeal to a range of styles.-Polymer clay techniques that use unusual tools and tricks.-Fun and inspiring for both beginner and intermediate levels.
Available in a myriad of colors and sheens, polymer clay can be cut, shaped, sculpted, and altered in many ways. For that reason, it's a wonderful medium for making jewelry. Today's leading artists show you how to push the envelope of this malleable material with an array of gorgeous brooches, pendants, pins, bracelets, and earrings. Using a variety of surface techniques will inform you and inspire you to create your own distinctive designs. Book jacket.
Introduces useful materials and techniques, and offers step-by-step instructions for making beads, jewelry, brooches, and buttons
Provides instructions for forty-eight jewelry projects using polymer clay, including earrings, pins, and necklaces
Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio are renowned for their courses and workshops on color as well as for their outstanding polymer clay work. In this book, they offer instruction and inspiration that focuses on polymer clay as a learning tool that readers can use to explore their own color instincts and preferences and develop their own palettes. Each chapter investigates a specific color principle, with the discussion supported by a related exercise, a “studio tool” assignment or demonstration, a polymer clay jewelry project, and a profile of a prominent polymer clay artist. Sample topics include: •The Complexity of Color •Three Properties of Color •Choosing Your Palette •Mixing Colors That Flow •Matching Colors with Precision •Games Colors Play •Orchestrating Color Combinations •Color Composition: Placement and Proportion •Playful Patterns •Tantalizing Textures
There are many ways to use polymer clay to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. This tutorial shows how to make a stained glass inspired pendant using polymer clay, stamps, and colored pencils. This tutorial is fun and easy and should be appropriate for any creative crafter. This technique can also be expanded to make larger items like Christmas tree decorations, key chains, and other decorative items.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use many products to produce different crackle techniques. There are 14 techniques with 32 variations, 102 photos and 5 videos (almost an hour!) included in this tutorial. With the techniques you will learn, you can create crackled finishes on flat and rounded pieces, use many of the mixed-media supplies you already have on hand, and perhaps discover some new favorites! Never before have ALL of the crackle techniques for polymer clay been brought together in one place in a tutorial like this. We have experimented and tested many products and tools to bring you an ultimate guide where you will surely find a technique or two that speak to you, that you find easy to execute, and it will be easy to find and buy the materials you need. Ilysa and Kira have been creating tutorials for over 7 years together on their popular Youtube Channel PolymerClayTV, their website, and in the art club in their private and fun crafting community They have mastered the art of podcast and videocast, using Hi-Def cameras for recordings, and live webcasts for their podcasts. They've published a book together with F&W Media, called Polymer Clay Art Jewelry- How to Make polymer clay jewelry using new techniques. We are Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye, and we have been creating with polymer clay for over 20 years. We are partners in PolymerClayTV, and co-authored a polymer clay how-to book called Polymer Clay Art Jewelry- How to make polymer clay jewelry using new techniques. We really mean it when we say new because we spend a lot of time testing and trying products from the art world (and sometimes not, sometimes we just see something interesting and give it a try) so that we can bring our discoveries to you. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more- there is an Ultimate Guides section on our website, where you can find free info and more tutorials. Have fun! And remember, if you have questions, you can easily contact us in the community at
Artistically combining polymer clay with wire, this distinctive manual teaches crafters and jewelry makers how to create organic, sophisticated, and contemporary jewelry. A range of innovative techniques in designing beads and components from polymer clay are combined with wireworking elements, inspired clasps and ear wires, wire bead caps, polymer clay tipped head pins, and more for a signature look. Explaining fundamentals of jewelry design, this manual also delves into what makes a piece "primitive" and how to achieve an organic effect through color mixing and textures. Included are a wide variety of polymer clay and wire jewelry design and texture techniques, 15 one-of-a-kind detailed projects, and a gallery of completed works.
Easy to follow, step by step, instructions for creating your own Dollhouse sized Polymer Clay Trinket and Jewelry boxes. Dozens of color photographs detail each step and make crafting your own polymer clay boxes easy and addicting. The boxes have a hinge so you can display them opened or closed. These beautifully detailed and tiny boxes will add realism to any miniature setting. Instructions are included for making jewelry and trinket boxes that resemble: * Wood * Silver * Glass Top * Gold * Black Enamel These Jewelry and Trinket boxes can be made in any size to match any dollhouse scale. Miniature makers of all ages will enjoy creating these delightful miniature trinket and jewelry boxes.
Gail Ritchey is known for her innovative uses of polymer clay in home decor items, jewelry, and miniatures. She brings a wealth of experience to this collection of 23 fun and beautiful projects that require no special skills or classes. Chapters are divided by techniques such as molding, rolling, shaping, marbling, cutting, punching, stamping, chatoyant, extruding, and mokume gane. Beginner and intermediate artisans can quickly start making elegant cameos, vases, frames, containers, and other attractive and useful objects by following Ritchey's simple, step-by-step techniques.
Liquid Sculpey is a new medium with endless possibilities, and these two recognized experts have developed a considerable following for their handcrafted jewellery and accessories. Now they share their original sculpting techniques, so everyone can explore the exciting crafting opportunities offered by liquid polymer clay. Each chapter provides information on the development of the techniques and the medium or art application that inspired it. Twenty-two projects teach crafters how to combine polymer clay with beads, metal filigree and antique glass cabochons to create 11 unique jewellery and 11 home decoration items.

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