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The tenets of "Nonviolent Communication "(1892005034) are applied to a variety of settings in these booklets on how to resolve conflict peacefully. Illustrative exercises, sample stories, and role-playing activities offer the opportunity for self-evaluation and discovery. Brief, unscripted reflections on the spiritual underpinnings of nonviolent communication inspire readers to connect with the divine in themselves and others in order to create social relationships based on empathy and compassion. Lessons on strengthening the connection between actions and spiritual values, letting go of enemy images and moralistic judgments, and compassionately connecting with others emerge from this series of thoughtful musings.
The author discusses the benefits and techniques of meditation, co- creating with Spirit, and more.
Utilizing a wellspring of sources, Eric Dale provides in this unique study a contemporary spirituality of work both practical and wholistic in which there is no separation between contemplation and action, between the so-called spiritual life and the realities of everyday worklife. Exploring the relevance of human labor to community life, and of aesthetics to work and human fulfillment, he demonstrates the need for re-evaluating both spirituality and work and for resacralizing all of life. Bringing Heaven Down to Earth helps re-claim for all people today the Christian spiritual tradition, East and West, by highlighting its universal themes of worship and service with practical applicability.
This profound exposition of the truths of an integrated life challenges the reader to confront difficulty with authentic spirituality. Meditation, the practice of silence, and the body of mystical experience are all effective forces that confound evil and give us the means to live a loving life. Beatrice Bruteau is both a brilliant synthesiser and an original thinker. The book describes the value of meditation, leisure, relaxing the body, and keeping silent for a period of time -- all within the context of the ordinary demands of life. There is a role to be played by imagination, mythology, and self-image in either promoting or interfering with our ability to 'find our base and our centre in the sense of eternity and wholeness'. As the founder of an international network for contemplatives of all traditions, Bruteau is able to present her practical spirituality in terms that all readers can understand, no matter what their backgrounds. The book also expresses the idea that our growing global interdependence -- cultural, economic, and ecological -- can help us to 'sense the reality of each person within the unity of shared life' and thus be motivated to act in the interests of the larger community.
Practical Spirituality shows you how to use your spiritual power in the quest for tangible results. James Arthur Ray combines the potent ingredients of material goals and mysticism, demonstrating how you need both to get the most out of life. Practical Spirituality makes applying ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries about how our world works - in the realm of physics and beyond - something you can do today. You get: Actionable, clear principles to achieve tangible success without sacrificing spirituality, and vice versa. You get straight talk to put you on the true path of power, so you can avoid the mistakes most people make. And you'll learn several ways to break out of the mass hypnosis of our time and become completely free from cultural conditioning. This is a must-read and must-do for anyone who is truly committed to becoming his or her own person in world where most people just follow along. It's time to wake up with Practical Spirituality!
Rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, New Thought, like Science of Mind, is captured by the idea that our thoughts create our lives, not the other way around. New Thought: A Practical Spirituality is the perfect introduction to this exciting, living faith. The book’s editor, Mary Manin Morrissey, is a leading New Thought minister of the Living Enrichment Center, and the author of the popular Building Your Field of Dreams. In this volume, Morrissey collects brief, powerful essays from today’s most popular New Thought clergy. Each piece addresses issues you can use right now to improve your life.
Create an intimate relationship with Spirit... This common-sense guide offers practical steps for staying in tune with Spirit midst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For listening to the still small voice within. For living in the here and now. These keys, gleaned from the ancient wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions, also show how to discover your soul's core passion, create a sacred space, and use every encounter and circumstance as an opportunity to grow.

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