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Signature recipes and wisdom from the country's foremost pitmaster Mike Mills and Amy Mills, the dynamic father-daughter duo behind the famous 17th Street Barbecue, are two of the most influential people in barbecue. Known as “The Legend,” Mike is a Barbecue Hall-of-Famer, a four-time barbecue World Champion, a three-time Grand World Champion at Memphis in May (the Super Bowl of Swine), and a founder of the Big Apple Block Party. A third-generation barbecuer, Amy is the marketing mind behind the business, a television personality, and industry expert. Praise the Lard, named after the Mills' popular Southern Illinois cook-off, now in its thirtieth year, dispenses all the secrets of the family’s lifetime of worshipping at the temple of barbecue. At the heart of the book are almost 100 recipes from the family archives: Private Reserve Mustard Sauce, Ain’t No Thang but a Chicken Wing, Pork Belly Bites, and Prime Rib on the Pit, Tangy Pit Beans, and Blackberry Pie. With hundreds food photos, candids, and illustrations, this book is as rich as the Mills’ history.
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One book in a series of three, each one featuring devotional writings based on the Psalms with an accompanying CD of worship music.
A critically acclaimed modern translation of the Bible into English, based on the latest advances in biblical scholarship, features a concise two-column format for easier reading, a low price, and a reader-friendly design.
COW CHIPS AREN'T FOR DIPPIN' is an authoritative handbook for all things western that are worth talking about--the food, the attractions, the people, the vocabulary, and even the art of cow tipping. "This book is dedicated to those well-meaning but geographically deprived individuals who think Johnny Cash is a pay toilet in Pittsburgh."
Back in print again for the first time ever, The Nuclear Platypus Biscuit Bible, quite possibly THE WEIRDEST BOOK OF ALL TIME, clearly and concisely articulates all knowledge worth knowing! Now featuring 342% more Biscuitism, this long out-of-print underground cult classic returns in a thoroughly revised edition (212 pages, compared to the measly 48 pages of the 1990 edition) in hard- & softcover, with loads of new eye-popping graphics and all-new chapters that continue the brain-twisting Biscuitoid assault on reason, normality and comprehensibility. Learn such crucial info as: the precise theological difference between the Nuclear Platypus and His bumpkin cousin, the Nucular Platypus; the horrors of the Great Porridge Famine that wiped out the creatures of myth and fairy tales; what happened when God-Biscuit showed up drunk for the Apocalypse; and God-Biscuit's glorious plan for humanity. Guaranteed to be the most important publishing event in the entire history of human civilization or your money back!
"Reflections of a Born-Again Pagan Radical evokes the powerful revolutionary spirit of the '60's." -Kedron Bryson, Baytree Press Jenny and Noces meet as students at the University of Southern California. They fall in love during a psychedelic pilgrimage to Mexico. Inspired by the profound socio-political upheaval of the 1960's, they shed their conservative backgrounds and plunge into the growing transnational counterculture, joining forces in rejecting the American system and building one of their own. Roving throughout North America, Western Europe, Mexico, Morocco, Jamaica and Nicaragua, the gutsy pair create an enterprise trading in psychedelics and enlightening herbs, while establishing their own radical political network. Opening themselves to totally new dimensions of mystical awareness, Jenny and Noces celebrate the magic, ecstasy and wonder of life. Exercising the social responsibility that accompanies enlightenment, they find themselves on the frontlines, battling riot police during the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago and the May Day 1971 take-over of the Washington Monument, and supporting the national student strike protesting Nixon's Cambodia invasion; in Mexico City, they're attacked by paramilitaries in a squatter settlement; finally, in Nicaragua, they end up joining armed revolutionaries in an assault on a military command center. While presenting a fascinating era in vivid detail, Reflections of a Born-Again Pagan Radical delivers urgent, timeless truths.
People would be interested in reading the book because it opens us up to know that things are not always as one person says they are. You have a spiritual side of you that hears one way and a physical side that hears another way. One hears Cock-A- Doodle Do, the other hears Praise- the -Lord.
Four British plays deal with a poet and her mother, a family's breakdown in communication, a woman who literally wrestles with her problems, and the interaction of a group of office workers
Four British plays deal with a poet and her mother, a family's breakdown in communication, a woman who literally wrestles with her problems, and the interaction of a group of office workers
Inspired by her grandmother's praise, at a young age, Gloria Fondren became exceedingly motivated. Amidst poverty, the path she chose to follow as a child enabled her to face obstacles, challenges, and various life trials with confidence. Gloria Fondren's optimistic attitude was conveyed in persistence and endurance which ultimately gave her hope and courage to overcome. This book tells the story of Gloria Fondren's childhood. Embedded in deep rooted emotions are humor, joy, sadness, and pain as vividly described in each chapter of this book. Candidly written, Gloria Fondren's childhood is inspiring, insightful, and heartwarming. This exciting new book: . Shows the powerful impact one's upbringing can have on the ability either to persevere and overcome trials and obstacles with victory or give up with defeat . Examines the mindset of readers invoking deep thoughts on what a person may be holding on to as opposed to letting go of in regards to childhood experiences . Challenges parents, grandparents, and caregivers, as role models, to earnestly consider how they would like to be remembered based on the impact they have had on their children's lives . Provides noteworthy insight into principles, morals, responsibility, and work ethics developed as a result of praise . Offers hope, motivation, courage, and a sense of self-belief for young readers, thereby, developing the attitude that, if I believe and put my mind to it, I can do it

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