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In the distant future, when cities move about and consume smaller towns, Tom and Hester hope that the ice city of Anchorage will reach the rumored haven of the Dead Continent--America--before the savage Hunstmen of Arkangel find them.
Mortal Engines is now a major motion picture produced by Peter Jackson!
When Tom and Hester's scrapyard aircraft is pursued by rocket-firing gunships, they seek sanctuary in the speeding ice city of Anchorage. But it is no safe refuge. Devastated by plague and haunted by ghosts, Anchorage is heading for the Dead Continent...
In a terrifying and brutal future world, cities are mounted on giant wheels. They hunt each other to the death. Cataclysmic wars and stalking robotic hunters are revisted in a stunning relaunch of one of the greatest post-apocalyptic adventure series ever written. All four installments of Philip Reeve's internationally bestselling quartet are now available as a single ebook, featuring exclusive bonus material - the previously unpublished THE TRACTION CODEX.
The Jenny was drifting across the shoulder of a big volcano. Beyond it there were no more mountains, just an endless blue-white plain stretching to the horizon. They were at the mercy of the wind, and it was carrying them helplessly into the Ice Wastes. Tom and Hester, now in possession of the airship Jenny Haniver, find themselves being pursued by League forces. Scrambling to escape, they head north and land on the city of Anchorage. But the savage Huntsmen of Arkangel are closing in, and the young margravine must make a last desperate bid for survival.
Human history offers countless examples of how easy it is for humans to grow entangled with very sick and perverted cultures. Much more difficult - yet all the more rewarding and necessary - is to learn how to recognize and break your own indoctrination, and free yourself from the mental prison it creates. Our ability to think and question is the trait that separates us from animals and makes us distinctly human. One can awaken, decode one's own programming and squirm free of the circle of suggestion created by time and culture. One can become liberated from the illusions of zeitgeist, learn to think for oneself and free oneself of the dictation fo time-bound wisdom. The one who can separate time-bound illusion from timeless truth is no longer under the control of any ideology, sect, institution, or autocracy. One's thinking becomes independent and one's behavior is based on timeless wisdom issuing forth from the universal intelligence. It is time to wake up! If you feel within yourself that everything doesn't quite add up right, and you feel compelling need to see into the unpolluted truth, unadulterated by opinions and truths of the times, you will have to sooner or later begin to interpret the source code of our societal system - its economic and monetary systems - and the societal mechanisms that have grown to be supported by it, for in these mechanisms is hidden the seed of humanity's collective ten-thousand-year-old mental illness.
Explores the search for identity under changing conditions by examining the lives of kibbutz-born young people living in L.A.

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