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When thirteen-year-old Lainey fails to come home from a night out with friends, her disappearance is dismissed by the Coral Springs Police Department as just another disillusioned South Florida teen running away from suburban drama and an unhappy ...
In a city of chemical warehouses and entropic factories, viral DJ's and anarchist skatepunks share the streets with nihilistic video game junkies and makeshift revolutionaries, whilst pirate broadcasters battle against one another and renegade paramedics hijack the dead and dying for profit . . . Pretty Little Things to Fill Up the Void is the story of four characters and their constantly-intertwining lives as they search for meaning and purpose in a place that seems to deny either: Elisabeth Afterlife, a renegade documentarist, haunted by the ghost of a bloody girl; Catalina Rodriguez, a fiery teenager and thrill-seeker; and the artists-lovers Camille and Auguste. And alongside all of them there is the mysterious Shiva, lurking in her complex of workshops, and moving devious chemical hands that will soon encompass all of the characters in an explosive point of singularity . . .
Whimsical and Elegant Projects from Well-Known Collage Artist Sally Jean Alexander With Pretty Little Things, readers will find collage projects that exhibit a playful air and a sense of magic. The 27 projects and 30 variations feature vintage ephemera soldered within glass, for finished works that tell a romantic or whimsical story. All exhibit Sally Jean Alexander’s signature style - a style that brings new life to antique papers, vintage photographs, found projects, scavenged text, and more.
It’s bad when the girls go missing. It’s worse when the girls are found.
A collection of 63 short, unique free verse poems and one-offs that span love, loss, and pearls of observance.
Pretty Little Thing Gratitude Journal Notebook, diary is a simple little 6x9 120 pages for keeping track of and writing out the things you are grateful for each and every day. Gratitude journals are great for keeping your life moving forward, battling depression, finding your way or just helping you feel good about life even when sometimes it seems tough going. It's been said that keeping a gratitude journal or a diary of things you are grateful for helps you stay happy and builds up your happiness. This gratitude journal includes prompts for the basics of everyday and a mood tracker for each morning and each night before you go to bed. You can write down what you're looking forward to in the day, three (3) things that you're grateful for about the day (three good things), something nice you did for someone, something nice someone did for you, and then a spot for notes and thoughts about the day. Help yourself, a friend or a loved one learn or continue to benefit from the benefits of the habit of gratitude.

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