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Scientific investigation in the service industry has produced a major effect on productivity and quality in order to lead to new services. With ever-evolving internet technologies and information environments, system science and knowledge science seem to be an effective tool for service innovation in the 21st century. Progressive Trends in Knowledge and System-Based Science for Service Innovation illustrates new approaches to service innovation and new methodologies from the knowledge science and system science perspectives. Practitioners and researchers interested in knowing more about practical theories and successful examples in service science will find this book to be a vital asset to their studies.
As a rapidly rising force in the global market, Asian countries hold opportunities for growth and development. However, in order to successfully gain entry into this new part of the market, it will first be necessary to understand the motives and background behind Asian economies. Asian Business and Management Practices: Trends and Global Considerations analyzes the various strategies found in the Asian economic market. Showcasing a broad range of countries in Southeast Asia in addition to China and India, this publication is a broad, widely encompassing resource for academics, PhD students, experts, policymakers, and government officials interested in understanding the background and applications behind business success in Asia.
As there is a vast amount of information to consider when offering quality services, organizations have developed techniques for identifying risk factors to be taken into consideration when constructing effective business strategies. Developing Business Strategies and Identifying Risk Factors in Modern Organizations presents new methodologies currently being utilized to formulate and solve strategic issues in order to escape the jeopardy of possible business risks. By highlighting a multitude of sciences and their influences on modern organizations; this book is an essential reference for decision makers and researchers in business, industry, government, and academia.
While many nations are still struggling from the global financial crisis and regaining their financial security, investors are considering alternative options for investing their money; and the secure financial sector is China appears as a viable option. International Cross-Listing of Chinese Firms examines the successful techniques and strategies that Chinese companies are using within their financial practices. It highlights the foreign-based multinational enterprise theories related to the major international stock markets. By providing the latest theories and research, this book will be beneficial for business practitioners, researchers, and managers interested in the relationship between cross-listing and firm valuation of Chinese firms.
Central Asian countries play a geostrategic role in world economy and politics. As a result, efforts are being made to establish an effective channel of communication between academic and research institutions, policymakers, government agencies, and individuals concerned with the complexities of Asian business, information technologies, sustainable development, and globalization. Technological Solutions for Sustainable Business Practice in Asia provides an in-depth analysis on Asian economy, business, and management with a clear international and interdisciplinary approach. This comprehensive resource is beneficial for academics, PhD students, policymakers, and government officials.
As physical collections go digital, the organizational procedures, budgets, and usage patterns of libraries must evolve to meet this change by identifying the various issues that are essential in understanding the management of e-resources. Progressive Trends in Electronic Resource Management in Libraries provides relevant theoretical and practical details from an international perspective on the current e-resources landscape. Through a detailed discussion of the specific aspects of e-resources management, this book is a useful source for library science faculty and students, academic librarians, research scholars, and IT professionals aiming to improve their understanding of the theoretical details, history, selection, acquisition, fair use and management of e-resources.

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