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In this 4th, updated edition of the Number 1 Property best Seller, Property Millionaire Simon Zutshi will show you how you can build a GBP 1 million property portfolio and a GBP 50,000 income in 12 months. The book is designed to stimulate your thinking and make you aware of some of the current possibilities available in property investing.
Property millionaire Zutshi shares how to build a GBP $1 million property portfolio and a GBP $50,000 income in just 12 months, by utilizing his Property Mastermind Programme.
The CCH Federal Tax Course approaches the study of taxation from the perspective of the student who will become a business person faced with business decisions that are inevitably affected by tax considerations. This perspective leads to a very different coverage in this textbook -- coverage that is useful for accounting, finance and general business majors. The new edition focuses on the central concepts that build our tax framework and avoids small exceptions and details to ensure that the student can confidently master the critical underpinnings of federal taxation. It abandons minutia that not only affects a very small number of taxpayers, but also tends to change often. In this way, there are no wasted motions and students gain a stronger, more solid understanding of federal tax principles.
Errata slip inserted. Includes bibliographical references and index.
The object of the present work is mainly to serve as a text book for students of History of Religions or Historical Phenomenology of Religion at the University level. This book intended also for the use of those who wish to become acquainted in a systematic and critical manner with the main themes of the History of Religions, and of other persons who are either concerned in the education of youth or whose work it may be to present scientifically accurate conclusions with regard to the various subjects of the History of Religions. There exist excellent text books which treat of particular religions or which contain chapters on individual religions without studying them comparatively or phenomenologically. There are very few text books that attempt to present the main themes of the History of Religions in such a way as to explain the signification of the religious phenomena that are found in various religions by means of the historical-comparative method.
A new and revised edition of the commonsense guide to real estate riches More and more people are discovering that real estate investing is a safe and affordable way to increase their cash flow and build lasting wealth. If you want to achieve financial freedom, then look no further. 5 Magic Paths to Making a Fortune in Real Estate reveals the proven real estate investment strategies that many of today's millionaires used to make their fortunes. In fact, you don't even need a lot of money to start investing and start putting cash in your pocket today! Real estate expert James Lumley offers simple, straightforward explanations of the most common and lucrative approaches to property investment--including fixer-uppers, lease/options, wholesales, buy-and-hold, and single-and multifamily rentals. You'll understand all the basics of real estate and learn to use these five strategies to make a killing in any economy. Packed with new information--including sections on the IRS's simplified tax exchange rules and the capital gains exclusion--5 Magic Paths to Making a Fortune in Real Estate will show you how to: * Find foreclosed, repossessed, or condemned properties * Research the markets and perform valuations * Determine what you can safely afford * Negotiate with sellers and buyers * Find the best financing terms, including seller financing * Price and perform money-making repairs * Work with agents and contractors * And much more!
Companies are increasingly looking to their intellectual property(patents, trademarks, formulas, copyrights, brand names,distributions systems, etc.) as a profit center. As they try toextract more value from their holdings, some of which have beenleft dormant for years, many are looking beyond their own coreproducts to partnerships with outside industries. Now it its third edition, Intellectual Property: Licensing andJoint Venture Strategies provides the most up-to-date practicaltools for evaluating the investment aspects of licensing and jointventure decisions, and discusses the legal, tax, and accountingpractices and procedures related to such arrangements.
A history of public agricultural R & D; The growing private sector; Research intensities; Global gaps in stocks of scientific knowledge; Agricultural biotechnologies; The rights to research.
The Indaba 5 meeting, held in South Africa during August 2006, examined the progress being made to achieve first-principle understanding of molecular science and confirmed the need to better understand the mysteries and magic of molecules. This book explores the common ground to guide chemists, biologists, crystallographers, spectroscopists and theorists towards painting a holistic picture of scientific endeavor.
Magic squares are among the more popular mathematical recreations. Over the last 50 years, many generalizations of “magic” ideas have been applied to graphs. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in “magic labelings” due to a number of results that have applications to the problem of decomposing graphs into trees. Key features of this second edition include: · a new chapter on magic labeling of directed graphs · applications of theorems from graph theory and interesting counting arguments · new research problems and exercises covering a range of difficulties · a fully updated bibliography and index This concise, self-contained exposition is unique in its focus on the theory of magic graphs/labelings. It may serve as a graduate or advanced undergraduate text for courses in mathematics or computer science, and as reference for the researcher.
The magnificent Ivanoff emerald: It surfaced at Christie's at Geneva, "The Property of a Lady"--a lady now sought by powerful men intent on seizing a legacy that could tilt the world balance of power . . . The terrifying Ivanoff secret: She lived like a pauper with a royal ransom in gems, determined to carry her secret to the grave . . . until an act of love and a public auction brought the world--and the curse--to her door . . . The last of the Ivanoffs--pawns in a deadly game: The royal gems are merely the lure to the hidden billions for which nations are willing to kill. The last of the Ivanoffs should have died in 1917. Now, two generations later, they are the prize--and the prey . . . From war-torn Russia to New York's teeming Lower East Side . . . from Ziegfeld's Broadway and the Hollywood of the moguls to contemporary Washington, Geneva, and Berlin, Elizabeth's Adler's novel of passion, power, and royal privilege will command your attention to the very last page.
This casebook raises interesting and challenging problems concerning the development of property law. Property concepts are introduced through cutting edge issues, such as intellectual property, rights of publicity, and ownership rights in the human body. Historical dimensions are presented through discussions of laws which formerly excluded certain individuals from most forms of ownership and property control, such as Native Americans, African Americans, and women. The text covers traditional topics: estates in land, landlord and tenant laws, transfers of property, private land use controls, and constitutional limitations on public land use controls. Most chapters are preceded by a concise summary of legal doctrines or common themes covered in the chapter. Explanatory Notes provide extensive explanations of cases and rules; they clarify complicated opinions with background information regarding the circumstances giving rise to the proceedings. Problems and Problem Notes take students beyond the realm of settled rules to generate analysis of the purpose behind the rules. This book also points students to relevant secondary sources for a broader understanding of property law. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.
Have you ever been frustrated by not getting a BPO (broker price opinion) price that you expected on a short sale property? You're not alone. Cory Boatright's Magic BPO Success Secrets reveals new, ninja strategies for getting better results on real estate BPO values. You will understand the different 'types" of BPO's and how to best communicate to the bank appraiser or real estate agent, so you can get more short sales approved, helping more people and making big profits from your specialized knowledge.
Magic squares, their origins lost in antiquity, are among the more popular mathematical recreations. Over the years a number of generalizations have been proposed, going back in the last century to Sedl cek (early 1960s) who asked whether "magic" ideas could be applied to graphs. Around the same time Kotzig and Rosa formulated the study of graph labelings, or valuations as they were first called. In the last decade, there has been a resurgence of interest in "magic labelings" and other graph valuations, e.g., graceful labelings, due to a number of interesting results that have applications and are related to the problems of decomposing graphs into trees. Trees remain an elusive subject. From the pure mathematics viewpoint, no progress has been made in answering the question: Does every tree have an edge-magic total labeling? However, the corresponding problem for vertex-magic total labelings has been solved, and the details are examined in this volume. The book also contains a number of recent constructions of magic graphs and verifications that families of graphs are magic. Key features: * short historical account of the subject * concise, self-contained text, systematic exposition from basic topics in graph theory to current research * applications of theorems from graph theory and interesting counting arguments * exercises, research problems covering a range of difficulties, extensive bibliography, index * solutions to many exercises This concise, self-contained exposition is unique in its focus on the theory of magic graphs/labeling and its applications to a number of new areas. It may serve as a graduate text for a special topics seminar in mathematics or computer science, or as a professional text for the researcher.
A self-made multimillionaire talks about how he arrived in Australia with $100 in his pocket and then, out of sheer dedication and determination, developed a plan to make his fortune. Now, his company is the largest of its kind in Queensland.
This book discusses the TRIPs Agreement, the Madrid Protocol and other international conventions, and compares the basic principles of U.S.
The most popular question Alvin Hall is asked is 'where does my money go?'. In this quick and straightforward mini-guide, Alvin helps everyone get their finances in order by exploring the fundamentals of buying and investing. Alvin offers a practical understanding of how to make the right decisions about your property. Whether you are a first time buyer or already own a home, this mini-edition will identify the key choices in the process and guide you through them step by step. This is an easy-to-follow advice for a brighter, sounder financial future.
In the marketing world, communication ideas are revered for their magical ability to affect how consumers behave towards brands. Despite this, they are poorly understood. How many types are there? What are their characteristics? How should you use them? And what makes a good one? Most marketers simply cannot answer these questions. Rigorous Magic answers these questions, bringing science to the art of ideas. Jim Taylor and Steve Hatch dispel the myths around communication ideas and create a practical ‘road map’ for marketers to select which types are best for their brand to compete. Only through a rigorous process of cataloguing and evaluation can ideas truly be understood - and the right ones selected to change consumer behaviour in today’s global, multi-channel marketing world.
In V. S. Naipaul's Magic Seeds we follow Willie Chandran, a man who has allowed one identity after another to be thrust upon him. In his early forties, after a peripatetic life, he succumbs to the encouragement of his sister – and his own listlessness – and joins an underground movement in India. But years of revolutionary campaigns and then prison convince him that the revolution ‘had nothing to do with what we were fighting for’, and he feels himself further than ever ‘from his own history’. When he returns to Britain where, thirty years before, his wanderings began, Willie encounters a country that has turned its back on its past and, like him, has become detached from its own history. He endures the indignities of a culture dissipated by reform and compromise until, in a moment of grotesque revelation – a tour de force of parodic savagery from our most visionary of writers – Willie comes to an understanding that might finally allow him to release his true self. ‘A radical further step in one of the great imaginative careers of our time . . . Magic Seeds demands our attention, and nothing more authoritative will be published this year’ Philip Hensher, Daily Telegraph

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