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Tells the story of the New England Shelter for Homeless Vets, and describes its job training, post-trauma stress disorder therapy, and treatment options for detoxification
Set during the turmoil of World War II, Purple Hearts is the story of the epileptic scion of an East Texas timber and oil fortune and his marriage to a stunning stranger desperate for sanctuary. Though naive and virginal, thirty-year-old Georgie Karacek wins Sylvia through his charm and kindness. Longing to prove himself, he then hides his illness to join the army. Sylvia’s relationship with Georgie’s overprotective mother proves difficult, so to make ends meet she takes on a boarder, Robert, in Georgie’s absence. Soon Robert and Sylvia grow close, and he presses her to run away with him. When Georgie’s epilepsy comes to light, he is discharged, and on returning home he suspects that his bride and the boarder are lovers. But wartime conditions explode into rioting, and that uproar puts them at odds with the town when Georgie helps a black friend flee. Purple Hearts is based loosely on events in Beaumont, Texas, in July of 1943, when shipyard workers rampaged following a rumor that a black man had raped a sailor’s wife. Several people died and scores were injured, and that riot echoed those in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Writer/critic Bryan Woolley has hailed Purple Hearts as “the best novel I’ve read about the home front during World War II . . . [it] illumines the dark fact that there was more to that home scene than Rosie the Riveter and War Bond drives.”
When a soldier with a troubled past and a struggling songwriter agree to a marriage of convenience for the military benefits, neither expects much after saying “I do.” Then tragedy strikes, and the line between what’s real and what’s pretend begins to blur in this smart and surprising romance perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes. Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow couldn’t be more different. Sharp-witted Cassie works nights at a bar in Austin, Texas to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. Luke is an Army trainee, about to ship out for duty, who finds comfort in the unswerving discipline of service. But a chance encounter at Cassie’s bar changes the course of both their lives. Cassie is drowning in medical bills after being diagnosed with diabetes. When she runs into her old friend Frankie, now enlisted in the Army, she proposes a deal: she’ll marry him in exchange for better medical insurance and they can split the increased paycheck that comes with having a “family.” When Frankie declines, his attractive but frustratingly intense friend Luke volunteers to marry Cassie instead. What she doesn’t know is that he has desperate reasons of his own to get married. In this unforgettable love story, Cassie and Luke must set aside their differences to make it look like a real marriage...unless, somewhere along the way, it becomes one...
Terrorists try to kill Purple Heart hero. Curtis has to enter the Protection Program to save finance's life from avenging terrorists. Suspense, Love affairs, Murders, Humor.
Two psychological dramas by a talented young playwright and actor.
The soldiers in this book represent a small number of the 7,532 American soldiers who were wounded in action and the estimated 17,000 others injured in combat support during the first eighteen months of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. These combat support or non-hostile injuries are omitted from the Pentagon casualty reports even though many of these soldiers medically evacuated from Iraq because of friendly fire, sickness, accidents and psychological trauma, are permanently damaged and disabled. Iraqi casualties are not counted at all. Nina Berman, New York City, October 1, 2004.
This is a true story of love, hope faith and sacrifice and conflict with family. There are many women who have lost a husband like me in deployment. My husband was injured twice and earned two purple hearts. His third purple heart separated us forever. A Love Story: and the three purple hearts is my memoir, about a young woman who falls in love with a soldier. It’s a story about young love and conflict with family, and what happens when you break your parents home rules. Over us all loomed the greater conflict in Iraq—Operation Iraqi Freedom. This I learned the hard way: for freedom, comes sacrifice, but in the end, love is what matters.
The Vietnam experience, up close and personal. When eighteen-year-old Buck Marino first meets Rolley Zwyrkowski, he little realizes how much the young sergeant and their next year together in Vietnam will change his life forever. The months following the 1968 Tet Offensive and the battles of the 101st Airborne between Hue and Phu Bai, and westward into the A Shau Valley, provide the backdrop for a story about boys becoming men in a paradoxical war. And when he meets Army nurse Janie Jorgensen, Buck believes he has found the love of his life only to crash into the reality that the war has left his heart and soul lost in a futureless void. Historical military fiction, Valley of The Purple Hearts follows the men of Second Squad through the shadowy jungles and mountains of I-Corps as they fight main force Viet Cong and NVA regulars. With constant enemy contact, booby-traps, sniper fire and all-out firefights, Buck and his buddies follow their squad leader, Rolley, who puts the lives of his men first. As Rolley faces the young and inept Lieutenant Mallon, Buck realizes his squad leader is becoming jaded and has lost his sense of humor. When the young sergeant sacrifices his safety for that of his men, Buck must step up to face Mallon in the heat of battle, and try to save his friend.
Poetry about the experience of the Vietnam War and afterwards by a combat veteran.
Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Two Purple Hearts tells a tale of troubled romance and suspense. Vallery is a vivacious young woman who falls in love with Ed, a brilliant MIT student. But their romance is sidetracked by the murder-suicide of her mother and step-father. Vallery takes custody of her mentally disturbed younger half-sister, Jeanne, who resents Ed’s presence in their lives. How far will the disturbed girl go to break up the couple? As Vallery and Ed pursue their love affair, they discover shocking evidence that a deceased World War II veteran was actually the father of them both. Could they really be brother and sister? This tense story comes to a climactic ending as Jeanne’s instability erupts in violence. Two Purple Hearts will leave you on the edge of your seat.
More than one million men and women have received the Purple Heart since its creation as an award "for military merit" in 1932. This book provides a brief history of the Purple Heart, with a focus on how the decoration's award criteria have evolved. The book then takes a representative look at Purple Heart recipients from all the services by conflict, concluding with Afghanistan and Iraq. Among the recipients highlighted are: Civil War veteran Pvt. Oran Randlett, who, in 1937, received two Purple Hearts for wounds received at Chancellorsville in 1863 and Cold Harbor in 1864; Brig. Gen. Robert Frederick, who received a record eight Purple Hearts for wounds in World War II; and crew members of USS Panay, who were awarded Purple Hearts fifty-five years after the 1937 Japanese attack on their gunboat.
It is the early sixties as Matt Conklin and his twin brother, Max, graduate from high school amid interesting yet chaotic times that include the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, and the rise of feminism, gay rights, and the use of psychedelic drugs. Matt and Max could not be more different in their views of war, civil rights, and the part physical chemistry plays within relationships. Matt is a romantic idealist who stands up to civil rights abuses and the atrocities of war. While pursuing his dream of becoming a writer, he crosses paths with bigots, women who want to marry him, antiwar radicals, drug dealers, and gay friends struggling for societal acceptance. After he becomes a teacher to the disadvantaged, Matt craves intellectual stimulation and experiments with drugs. But what no one knows is that the spiritually sensitive Matt is receiving visits from ghosts who ask things of him. As the years pass, will Matt emerge from his struggles determined to live his truth or resigned to live a life he never wanted? In this historical tale, a young man faces racial prejudice, homophobia, and mindless acceptance of the war as he soldiers through the sixties and seventies in the swamps of Florida.
Landon & Anne is the story of high school sweethearts adjusting to life after a war that Landon believes in and Anne does not. Having left with his friends to fight when their country needed them most, Landon has returned home to jumpstart the life he left behind. Anne, who waited for him to come home, wants nothing more than to start building towards the dreams that they had planned for before he left. With the war behind them, Landon and Anne try to rekindle the relationship that they had before Landon left. As Landon tries to insert himself back into the life he once led, and Anne works to push forward the dreams that they put on hold while Landon was away, together they face the realization of just how high the costs of war really are.
"[This book] provides a brief history of the Purple Heart, with a focus on how the decoration's award criteria have evolved, and then provides a representative look at Purple Heart recipients from all the services by conflict, concluding with more recent recipients from conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq ... [and] includes never-before-published information about these heroic acts, as well as rare photographs of Purple Heart recipients from early U.S. conflicts, including the Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, and the Boxer Rebellion. Among the notable recipients highlighted in the book are Civil War veteran Pvt. Oran Randlett, who, in 1937, received two Purple Hearts for wounds received at Chancellorsville in 1863 and Cold Harbor in 1864; Brig. Gen. Robert Frederick, who received a record eight Purple Hearts for wounds in World War II; and crew members of USS Panay, who were finally awarded Purple Hearts fifty-five years after the 1937 Japanese attack on their gunboat"--Jacket.
A collection of poems by Vietnam War veterans.
New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant unleashes the gritty and powerful conclusion to the Front Line series and evokes the brutal truth of World War II: War is hell. An epic tale of historical reimagining, perfect for fans of Code Name Verity and Salt to the Sea. Courage, sacrifice, and fear have lead Rio, Frangie, and Rainy through front-line battles in North Africa and Sicily, and their missions are not over. These soldiers and thousands of Allies must fight their deadliest battle yet—for their country and their lives—as they descend into the freezing water and onto the treacherous sands of Omaha Beach. It is June 6, 1944. D-Day has arrived. No longer naive recruits, these soldier girls are now Silver Star recipients and battle-hardened. Others look to them for guidance and confidence, but this is a war that will leave sixty million dead. Flesh will turn to charcoal. Piles will be made of torn limbs. The women must find a way to lead while holding on to their own last shreds of belief in humanity. Praise for Silver Stars: "Exhaustive research, immersive storytelling, and emotional depth make for a superlative tale.” —Kirkus (starred review) Praise for Front Lines: “A gripping and heart-wrenching tale.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A magnificent alternate history.” —Elizabeth Wein, New York Times bestselling author of Code Name Verity

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