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Meeting the demands of student life can be tough, especially for students with Asperger Syndrome. This book is full of practical suggestions on how to make the post-16 educational experience a good one. Advice is based upon sound knowledge of theory and practice and includes: taking steps towards selecting the right course at the right institution coping strategies to use in academic and social situations advice to help students who are living away from home a CD containing time-saving resources how other students, tutors and disability services can help useful references and addresses showing where to go next. This is an important text for students with Asperger Syndrome, their support staff and personal tutors in institutes of Higher Education, student counsellors, parents and Connexions advisors.
As the number of higher education (HE) courses offered in further education (FE) settings increases, so does the need for teachers and trainee teachers to develop their teaching skills. This text is written for all teachers and trainee teachers in FE. It considers what it means to teach HE in FE and how an HE environment can be created in an FE setting. The text covers day-to-day aspects of teaching including planning and assessment, giving guidance on the unique needs of HE students. Chapters on research and quality assurance support the reader in developing some advanced teaching skills. This is a practical guide for FE teachers and trainee teachers as the sector adapts to the needs of education today.
This book highlights some of the national and global agendas and issues, from emerging sectors, to the meaning of student engagement for different stakeholders. It provides a backdrop to themes of student engagement as well as examples of innovative and inspiring means of engaging with students in practice, empowering them to take responsibility wi
The promotion and dissemination of knowledge is a crucial part of the academic community. This is accomplished through the publication of new research through both traditional and emerging venues. Scholarly Communication and the Publish or Perish Pressures of Academia is an authoritative reference source for the latest material on methods and available networks for the publication of contemporary academic research. Highlighting innovative writing styles, ethical considerations, and marketing avenues, this book is ideally designed for researchers, upper-level students, scholars, professionals, and practitioners actively involved in the publication of academic research.
Corn and wheat are among the most important cereals worldwide, representing many of the calories and proteins consumed. Tortillas and tortilla-related products are among the fastest-growing segments of the food industry and represent a sizeable portion of those calories. Tortillas: Wheat Flour and Corn Products answers the food industry’s need to meet the growing demand for high-quality tortillas and tortilla-based foods. This book will guide food scientists, product developers, and nutritionists through the fascinating science and technology behind the production of corn and wheat flour tortillas. This title is the most comprehensive English-language book of its kind. It fully describes the technology, nutritional value, and quality control measures of corn and wheat flour tortillas, tortilla chips, and related products. It accomplishes this through 300 pages of quality text, complemented by easy-to-understand facts, figures, tables, and summaries that seamlessly guide users to an understanding of the fundamental underlying principles that optimize tortilla production and guide product development. Tortillas: Wheat Flour and Corn Products is ideal for academics and industry professionals, including food science and nutrition students; people working in the tortilla and snack food industries; industry staff interested in the quality control/assurance aspects of tortillas; and professionals interested in cereal processing and product development. Edited by the renowned food science educators in tortilla production, this book provides high-quality training at both the academic and corporate levels Coverage Includes: A history of corn and wheat flour tortillas Ideal physicochemical properties of corn kernels and wheat flours to optimize processing Quality attributes of processed products and quality control/troubleshooting Food safety and quality control, from the raw materials to intermediate and finished products Various industrial setups and pilot plant techniques currently used to manufacture wheat flour tortillas Ideal physical, chemical, and rheological properties of tortilla flours Roles of leavening agents in tortilla quality Functions of dough emulsifiers and reducing agents in textural shelf life and “process-ability Effects and roles of preservatives and supplemented enzymes on shelf life Common quality and consistency issues encountered by the flour tortilla industry, along with solutions and recommendations Optimum properties of corn kernels for tortillas and nixtamalized snacks, such as parched fried corn, corn chips, and tortilla chips Milling processes and quality control testing used to obtain lime-cooked dough, the backbone for the fabrication of table tortillas and corn and tortilla chips
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