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This book undertakes a traditional, and inclusive, approach to the law of business organizations. The volume includes materials many books now on the market omit, such as agency and unincorporated business associations, while at the same time maintaining a wide breadth of coverage. As such, the book permits professors to emphasize closely held and other non-public companies while at the same time offering the basics on public company law and practice. Along these lines, the book includes materials on securities offerings, registration, exemptions from registration, and lawyers' responsibilities under the securities laws. Features that make this book a strong teaching tool and a strong learning tool include: • Chapter introductions that summarize and highlight the overall and contextual importance of chapter contents (rather than merely list and categorize the parts of the chapter); • Basic corporate finance nomenclature and other information necessary to an understanding of transactional business law, including individual chapters on basic corporate finance, corporate changes and change of control transactions; • Materials allowing for a comparison of laws and practices in other countries with those of the United States in key areas of study; and • Well-selected notes and problems that permit the integration of concepts and foster application skills at key junctures. This single text allows for coverage of law, underlying theory and policy, and practice skills. In one volume, the book contains material sufficient to educate a young lawyer to function in general business law practice. The emphasis has been on creating a teaching resource that is comprehensive in the view of the five experienced business law teacher-practitioner authors. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.
Diploma Thesis from the year 2000 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: European Union, grade: 1.5 (A), Free University of Berlin (Otto Suhr Institute Berlin), 97 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Overview Research on the role of Eurogroups in general and on European business associations in particular is very rare."There has been a rapid expansion of such activities [lobbying] over the last few years. However, although this phenomenon has attracted a lot of attention, there is surprisingly little systematic research on the topic" (Andersen and Eliassen 1991). In contrast to the role of interest groups in the US legislative process comparatively little is known about their role in Brussels. Only a minority of the great many Eurogroups has been under examination by researchers so far. While the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has attracted considerable attention research has neglected the European confederation of employers and industry, UNICE. Hardly any studies are available on the multitude of business associations; practically no research has been carried out on the role of consultants, law firms and multinational corporations. Objective The objective of the case study is to determine the influence EUROCHAMBRES as a business association representing SMEs has on the European decision-making process. It will provide answers to the following questions: What are business associations? What is the European decision making process? What are the criteria and factors that determine the influence of interest groups on the policy process in general and on the EU decision making process in particular? What are the indicators that tell us whether an interest organisation can meet these factors of influence? In how far does EUROCHAMBRES meet the criteria that are relevant for influence in the European decision making process?

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