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These intriguing menus contain nutritional ideas and give a fresh approach to the dullness and drudgery of low-cholesterol and low-fat cooking.
Delicious meals in minutes the whole family will enjoy Eat right for diabetes and get dinner on the table fast with this photo-filled collection of easy, everyday meals from Diabetic Living—the only lifestyle magazine for individuals living with diabetes. These fast-fix recipes—low in fat, carb-smart, and made with nutrient-rich ingredients—make it easy to put healthy meals on the table every night of the week. Enjoy mouthwatering main dishes, such as Pesto Turkey Burgers, Mediterranean Tostadas, and Pork Chops Primavera. You'll find the most current information on the best foods to choose in an eating plan and lots of timesaving tips for making healthy meals in a snap. Includes 120 fresh and tasty recipes with a color photo of every recipe Every recipe for breakfast, sandwiches, soups and stews, entrees, salads, and sides is ready in 30 minutes or less Special slow-cooker and dessert chapters featuring recipes that require only 20 minutes or less of prep time Recipes highlight total grams of carbohydrate per serving and provide full nutrition information Clear serving-size icons make it easy to see the satisfying portion sizes With Diabetic Living Quick & Easy Diabetic Meals, fast, fresh food is never far away!
Quick and Easy Cooking for One is the book that anyone who has to face cooking for themselves at the end of a long day won't want to be without. It puts the fun and freedom back into pleasing yourself in the kitchen. Molly Perham proves that cooking for one can be creative, quick and economical - and tastes a whole lot better than the so-called 'fast food' options. This is the quick and easy cookbook to stimulate a whole new appetite for doing it yourself.
The Celebrity Chefs' Cookbooks series is an authentic collection of recipes from celebrity chefs all over the world. These specially selected authors are established professionals in their own field of cuisine and are no strangers to the media. Useful tips and helpful shortcuts, together with brief cultural notes, add to make every book in this series, unique and comprehensive. Readers will appreciate the British and American terms that are given for common ingredients, as well as weighs and measures in metric and American units. With its practical approach and invaluable advice, the series will appeal to both the novice as well as the professional cook.
Just because you don’t have time to cook doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy delicious homemade meals. With preparation times that do not exceed 30 minutes, these quick and easy recipes are the perfect solution for busy weeknights and late mornings. "Quick and Easy Recipes: Delicious Homemade Meals for the Busy Working Person", will provide you with amazingly delightful recipes that you won’t believe are so simple and quick to prepare. You don’t have to eat tasteless microwave food or waste your money on takeout every night. Offering great dinner ideas for every taste, there are plenty of yummy recipes that can satisfy your belly within these pages. Now hit the ‘Buy now’ button and join me on this quick but tasty ride.
Over 125 tried-and-true (and delcious!) recipes--including meat and vegetable dishes, casseroles, and appetizers--are accompanied by more than 225 color photos and complete instructions for preparation. Crescent
This isn't just a cookbook; it's a kitchen helper.
Offers menus for company, family meals, and thirty-minute meals, including recipes for appetizers, entrees, salads, soups, breads, and desserts
Designed to meet a spread of everyday needs, this book includes recipes that can easily be put together at the end of a long working day, recipes for when family and friends drop in unexpectedly, and others which will do for almost any occasion.
The essential cookbook for busy family life. With 500 simple, delicious and nutritionally balanced ideas for every meal, this is the only recipe book you will ever need. With 500 delicious, nutritious meals that will appeal to everyone, The Big Book of Quick, Easy Family Recipes is your ultimate kitchen companion. Get your day off to a great start with some Fruity Pancakes or a bowl of Fruit & Seed Granola, and then keep the kids fuller for longer with ingenious lunchbox ideas including Fighting Fit Fajitas and snackable Tortilla Dippers. For something more filling, try a Broccoli and Brazil Nut Stir-Fry or a Fiesty Fiesta Pizza, and with healthy ideas like Honey Fruit Salad and tasty Summer Puddings, there's always room for dessert. A dedicated baking chapter provides fast, healthy recipes for sweet and savoury treats, from Blueberry Muffins to Peanut Butter Cookies, so ensure your larder is always well stocked. Every recipe has been specially selected to ensure that it's nutritionally balanced, with simple ingredients that are perfect for picky palettes. With no-nonsense advice on storage for leftovers, plus prep and cook times for every meal, this is the perfect cook's companion for busy family life.
Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Meals is a collection of simple, delicious recipes that make it simple to prepare nutritious meals in minutes.
Campfire cooking is easy when you cook with foil. Even family weeknight meals are simple with foil pack dinners your whole family will love. Whether you prefer to cook with an oven, open fire, camp stove, or grill, this foil pack cookbook is full of simple and delicious meal ideas. Looking for an interesting weekend breakfast? Try the Foil Pack French Toast. Prefer veggies? Try the Pesto Veggie Foil Pack. All these and 75 other unique and tasty recipes can be found in my book, Quick & Easy Cooking with Foil. I discovered foil pack cooking while preparing meals for a family camping trip. I found using foil for cooking had made the entire process easier, just as healthy, and really delicious. I started incorporating rotating foil pack meals into my weekly menus for my family. You can imagine that with four kids that dishes are a constant chore, and anything that can cut my time in the kitchen down is priceless! I decided to write this book so that other busy people, like me, can have some ideas of wonderful and healthy meal ideas. I have included over 75 recipes with pictures. I give you breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas that, in my opinion, are largely interchangeable as we also enjoy breakfast food for dinner. I also included low carb and vegan options for those who have dietary preferences or restrictions. Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert, so you will find some wonderfully delicious dessert dishes in my book. For those who are looking for meals that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, I have a whole chapter dedicated to these recipes. You are sure to find something to please everyone in my foil pack cookbook. Here is a glance at the contents of my book: 6 Breakfasts Cooked in Tin Foil 9 Lunch Ideas Using Tin Foil 9 Dinner Recipes using Foil 24 Camping and Grill Recipes 6 Vegan Meals 7 Seafood Recipes 6 Low Carb Recipes 7 Unique Desserts 9 Different 10 Minutes or Less Recipes Foil Cooking Hacks Things to Avoid when Cooking with Aluminum Foil Although I have a large section of the book dedicated to camping and grilling meals, you could easily adapt any of these recipes for the oven, grill, or campfire. Be sure to hit "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" to add this title to your cooking reference collection. This book also makes a great gift for the avid camping enthusiast in your life!
Discusses cooking techniques, food hygiene, and kitchen safety, and presents step-by-step instructions for all types of dishes. More than 60 simple recipes for everything from scrambled eggs to delicious pastries are presented with color, step-by-step illustrations introducing children to the joys of cooking and eating good food.
Quick-to-fix dishes that are low in fat, calories, and cholestrol.
Combines updated health information with low fat, low-cholesterol recipes tailored for fast preparation and includes time saving tips, shopping strategies, and heart smart cooking techniques.

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