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Examines the life and accomplishments of this powerful actor through a review of the roles he has played and awards he has received while delving into his personal life and the dramas he managed off-stage, including a sexual harrassment suit and an affair with Ava Gardner.
Stephen Decatur was one of the most awe-inspiring officers of the entire Age of Fighting Sail. A real-life American naval hero in the early nineteenth century, he led an astonishing life, and his remarkable acts of courage in combat made him one of the most celebrated figures of his era. Decatur's dazzling exploits in the Barbary Wars propelled him to national prominence at the age of twenty-five. His dramatic capture of HMS Macedonian in the War of 1812, and his subsequent naval and diplomatic triumphs in the Mediterranean, secured his permanent place in the hearts of his countrymen. Handsome, dashing, and fearless, his crews worshipped him, presidents lionized him, and an adoring public heaped fresh honors on him with each new achievement. James Tertius de Kay is one of our foremost naval historians. In A Rage for Glory, the first new biography of Decatur in almost seventy years, he recounts Decatur's life in vivid colors. Drawing on material unavailable to previous biographers, he traces the origins of Decatur's fierce patriotism ("My country...right or wrong!"), chronicles Decatur's passionate love affair with Susan Wheeler, and provides new details of Decatur's tragic death in a senseless duel of honor, secretly instigated by the backroom machinations of jealous fellow officers determined to ruin him. His death left official Washington in such shock that his funeral became a state occasion, attended by friends who included former President James Madison, current President James Monroe, Chief Justice John Marshall, and ten thousand more. Decatur's short but crowded life was an astonishing epic of hubris, romance, and high achievement. Only a handful of Americans since his time have ever come close to matching his extraordinary glamour and brilliance.
De Kay gives insight into the life of the eminent naval hero, focusing on the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, as well as his military accomplishments.
Traveling from Paris during the French Revolution to New Orleans, from lush Virginia plantations to a new nation's capital, Aimee de Chartres and master spy Lucian Napier, fueled by their passionate love, lead a life of intrigue and danger
Written in the late 1940s but unpublished till now, this superb portrayal of Black life during the Great Depression and the New Deal is virtually a sequel to the classic Home to Harlem. Mckay's vivid, warm evocations of the omnipresent numbers racket, all-night jazz parties and the whole exuberant and cacophonous clash of social movements and ideologies - Black nationalism and industrial unionism as well as incipient Muslim and other heterodox religious formations - provide the context for a fast-paced narrative of love, work, play and revolt in Black America during one of the most stirring periods in US history. Astutely sensitive to the extraordinary vitality and diversity of Black culture, and drawing on the author's experiences in the IWW and the extreme Left of the socialist movement, Harlem Glory reveals Claude McKay at his very best.
A controversial account argues that the United States is morally and strategically correct in its efforts to expand its influence throughout the developing world, explaining why the United States is poised for twenty-first-century superiority, citing flaws in the American intelligence system, and making recommendations on how to respond to global challenges. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.
A fiery, independent-spirited public health nurse plays a vital role in the lives of the townsfolk of "Glory", West Virginia.

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