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This is the story of one woman who could be any woman: she could be you or your wife or your sister or your mother. She is given one diagnosis, one choice - until the realisation sinks in: there are untold options, unlimited potential. At 52 Ariena feels there is a lot in her life to be thankful for: her loving husband and family, her beautiful grandson her good health, until... overnight all this changes. A lump in her breast is diag- nosed as a highly aggressive form of breast cancer and she is given 6 months to live. After the initial shock, Ariena questions the logic of the choices the medical profession is offering her and decides to take matters into her own hands. She makes radical changes to her lifestyle that lead to her being completely 'cured'. Raw Can Conquer Cancer is not a text book, not a how-to manual, not a recipe book. It is, how- ever, a highly thought provoking, inspirational story, revealing the recipe for life and living, and encouraging us to make choices born of a simple conscious thought.
To inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future, veteran raw vegan runner Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray ran around Australia, 15,782km, 366 marathons each in 366 days. On January 1, 2014, as they ran their 366th marathon, they set a new World Re- cord for the most consecutive marathons, as the oldest and only couple to run around Australia, fuelled entirely on fruit and vegetables and wearing barefoot shoes. Having previously cured herself of cancer, Janette Murray-Wakelin is living proof that anything can be achieved when living a conscious lifestyle.
How Cancer Saved Me: A One Year Diary of a Cancer Overcomer is a detailed account of Melbourne music teacher Wanda Hail and her experiences with breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in 2015, Wanda embarked on a journey of meticulous research into diet, health and the medical system. In her diary she shares a wide range of experiences, from the very 'normal' days with her family and friends, to detailed analyses of many different foods, therapies and medical techniques, plus summaries of seminars, books and video presentations. Woven through the entire diary is her unwavering faith, which ultimately brings her to the place where she can call herself a 'cancer overcomer'. Her courageous decision to eschew traditional treatment methods and embrace a healthy diet, lifestyle and spiritual outlook makes this diary inspirational literature for all ages. Also included are sections with recipes, music pieces and a useful index.
This book is a collection of documents and information regarding the nonconventional therapies for cancer made by numerous scientists all over the world and has no intention to convince you to stop or change your treatment. It also contains testimonies made by doctors and usual people like you and me on natural therapies which managed to save their lives, and it is your choice to believe them or not. It is up to you to consider these pieces of information, to do your own research in this regard, and to apply the knowledge gained to your benefit. And like always in life, you have a choice to make from various options lined up in front of you, and you need to decide based on your level of understanding and consciousness what is the best thing which will serve your interest.
This book sheds light on how to reverse and cure cancer through dieting and also elucidates how to optimize your health as a cancer positive person. Additionally, how to mitigate risks for adverse chronic diseases by embracing an alkaline, nutrient dense, anticancer, raw fruitarian diet is also delineated in this book. Curing cancer may simply lie in embracing a raw fruitarian diet coupled with prolonging fasting. By eating fruits and vegetables that are characterized by high levels of alkalinity that also have a low glycemic load, such as avocados and cauliflower, you not only attain an alkaline body with a blood pH level above 7.35, but can also create a microcosm in your body that also preempts the formation of tumors and fatty plaque build up in the arteries, especially when combined with the power of prolonging fasting. "Dr. Ornish and colleagues conducted a study with cancer patients and found that the progression of prostate cancer could be reversed with a plant-based diet and other healthy lifestyle behaviors. After eating healthy, their own bodies were able to somehow reprogram the cancer cells, forcing them into early retirement. Nothing appears to kick more cancer tush than a plant-based diet. Even 5,000 hours in the gym was no match for the benefits of a plant-based diet" ("Kick Cancer with", n.d.) when it came to terminating cancer cells. By following a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich, anticancer, raw fruitarian comprised of only fruits and vegetables, you are able to create the conditions to not only attain an alkaline body with a blood pH level above 7.35 which creates an anti-cancer microcosm, but also is associated with a substantially lower circulating IGF-1 level. IGF-1, also known as "insulin-like growth factor 1, is a cancer-promoting growth hormone involved in the acquisition and progression of tumors" ("Kick Cancer with", n.d.). Man's utmost potent remedy for rendering the body cancer free is presumably a fruitarian diet coupled with prolonging fasting. The processes of autophagy and ketosis are triggered by prolonged fasting and are able to substantially enhance the body's innate, divine ability to terminate cancer cells and senescent cells. Moreover, when the body is fully on the mend in a prolonged fasting state, it not only deprives cancer cells of access to glucose that they need to metabolize, but also may be able to starve the cancer cells to death ("Fasting, calorie restriction", 2018), effectively abating and eliminating the tumor overtime.. Moreover, cancer cells thrive, prosper, flourish, and proliferate in an acidic environment. By attaining an alkaline body from eating only fruits and vegetables characterized by high levels of alkalinity that also have a low glymic load, you can not only promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut and render your blood pH level above 7.35, but can also perhaps completely eliminate cancer, especially when combined with starving the cancer cells from undergoing prolonged fasting on a weekly basis. Furthermore, once the body has entered the metabolic state of ketosis from fasting, the body will churn out more ketones which will aid in the decimation of the cancer cells. By making dietary changes to bolster immune system health, the body can more efficaciously terminate cancer cells, especially when in a fasted state since the body has divine healing mechanics which enables it to eradicate cancer cells that it recognizes as abnormal cells. When the body's energy is not being profusely vectored towards undergoing the metabolic and digestive processes during a prolonged fasting period, an eminently nourished body can earmark nearly all of its energy towards fully mending itself and can far more efficaciously eliminate cancer cells. Fasting also substantially boosts stem cell production and allows the body to create more white blood cells to dispatch to annihilate more cancer cells.
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Raw food is not just a diet. It is a revolutionary philosophy. The purpose of this book is to introduce you to the revolutionary philosophy of raw and living foods by pulling together all of the components, including, but not limited to, diet, into one place. The book provides you with information to make a conscious decision about whether you will, or perhaps already have, incorporated any of the raw and living food philosophy into your own philosophy of living.

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