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Introduces the concept of gratitude and how it leads to generosity and demonstrates the various ways people can be generous, including donating time, money, or objects.
Reach Out And Touch is an inspirational book written by Author Suzanne E. Uzzell. This book will inspire the reader to reach out and touch lives by becoming a cheerful giver and extending a helping hand to those in need by blessing others.This book will transform your life and cause you to have a brand new outlook on how your giving will impact lives.
Reach Out Give Praise will inspire all readers and invite everyone to reach out to help, to share and show love to each other The poems in this book are meant to inspire all readers and invite everyone to reach out to help, to share and show love to each other. The poems in the book are to be a source of comfort, to feed you spiritually and to win souls for the kingdom of God as the readers get a hunger for a closer walk with God and exercise their faith in him. For the lovers, these poems will surely help you to express more intimacy and make you appreciate your partners more. These poems are geared to improve lifestyles and assist persons in enjoying the blessings of God on a higher level. The poems will minister to the depressed, poor, hurting, thirsty, lonely, hungry, oppressed and needy, with the hope that they will be nourished and strengthened spiritually. If persons have been hurt or abused, these poems will truly be a source blessing to them. They will be inspired to seek help, come up higher, press on, come out of depression and darkness and walk in the light.
Packed with important information for today's parents and professionals, this new edition of a groundbreaking work presents the latest research on how visually impaired children learn and develop at different ages and in the various developmental domains: sensory development, communication, movement, manipulation, and comprehension. Clear, practical, and reassuring, and full of suggested activities, this book provides a guide to teaching young visually impaired children the important life skills they need to know--skills that other children may learn simply by observation and imitation--and preparing them to enter school ready to learn with their peers. From early intervention services to the full range of educational placements, Reach Out and Teach is the ultimate guide to helping a visually impaired child learn and grow.
Designed to promote literacy in young children and to empower parents, educators, and librarians, this guide is filled with simple strategies, creative activities, and detailed instructions that help make reading fun. • Recommended book lists for promoting reading • An overview of basic strategies and components of an early literacy program • Helpful outline of pre-literacy skills required for reading success • Detailed instructions for early literacy activities
Randy Alcorn, best-selling author of The Treasure Principle, makes a clear, compelling case for an underemphasized scriptural principle: that believers will receive differing rewards in heaven depending on their actions and choices here on earth. Taken mainly from excerpts of Money, Possessions, and Eternity, The Law of Rewards shows how our faith determines our eternal destination but our behavior determines our eternal rewards. The Law of Rewards is published in association with Generous Giving, Inc., a ministry of The Maclellan Foundation, which offers practical tools and events designed to transform hearts and minds for revolutionary generosity.
This collection of ground-breaking work by practitioners at the forefront of contemporary body psychotherapy enriches the whole therapy world. It explores the leading edge of theory and practice, including Neuroscientific contributions, Movement patterns and infant development, and Embodied-Relational Therapy.

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