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""ADVERTISING should be judged only by the goods it is conclusively known to sell, at a given cost. Mere opinions on Advertising Copy should be excluded from consideration, because opinions on Advertising are conflicting as opinions on Religion. ""But, it is different with Advertising, as it is with Mechanics or with Medicine, all three of which can be conclusively tested. ""Many Advertisers, however, seem satisfied to spend their money on mere Opinions about Advertising when they might have invested it on Evidence about Advertising. ""When it is anything less than Salesmanship it is not real Advertising, but only 'General Publicity.' And, 'General Publicity' admittedly claims only to 'Keep the Name before the People, ' - to produce a 'General impression on the Trade, ' and to 'Influence Sales' for the salesmen. ""The only way to judge Advertising is to judge it by the amount of goods It is conclusively known to Sell, at a given cost."" Get Your Copy Today.
This textbook introduces the key concepts, methods and issues within advertising and promotion for students taking courses on the subject at universities and colleges. It offers first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies and brand campaigns, and it is told from the perspective of the agency to give a fun and creative insider view which helps the reader to think beyond the client position and understand what it might be like working within an ad agency. The authors draw not only from management and marketing research but also from other disciplines such as cultural/media studies and sociology to offer a rounded and critical perspective on the subject for those looking to achieve high grades and understand advertising as social phenomenon in addition to its business function and purpose. New to the third edition: chapter on strategy and creativity additional case studies with increased global coverage including emerging markets images of classic and recent ads from the street, print, online and television increased coverage of the internet, social media and their effects on advertising companion website materials including relevant videos, journal articles and a Jeopardy-style game for the classroom The textbook is now also supported by a new author-written blog which keeps readers updated on interesting, topical examples relating to advertising and promotion from current affairs and popular culture:
All effective modern marketing can be traced to three authors in one time period. If you study the best of the best marketers out there - and then study who they studied - you can eventually find the real basics which make all marketing work. Really work. That is how these books were uncovered. While each separately tells pieces of the puzzle, together they tell the evolution of advertising as it exists today. All the advances made by others since can be directly traced to the breakthroughs made during this time. These five books each tell their own piece to the puzzle. Albert Lasker gave the narrative, telling where he first met John E. Kennedy and Claude Hopkins. When you read those copywriters' works in turn, the lights come on. You'll see where all the new, "modern" breakthroughs have come from and why they get results. All the secrets hidden in plain sight. Just in need of a bit of dusting off... Get Your Copy Today!
Shows the role Albert Lasker, well-known for promoting Lucky Strikes, Van Camp's Pork & Beans, and Sunkist Oranges, played in the election of Warren G. Harding, forever changing the way political candidates are publicized.

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