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Late one night in 1823 Joseph Smith, Jr., was reportedly visited in his family's farmhouse in upstate New York by an angel named Moroni. According to Smith, Moroni told him of a buried stack of gold plates that were inscribed with a history of the Americas' ancient peoples, and which would restore the pure Gospel message as Jesus had delivered it to them. Thus began the unlikely career of the Book of Mormon, the founding text of the Mormon religion, and perhaps the most important sacred text ever to originate in the United States. Here Paul Gutjahr traces the life of this book as it has formed and fractured different strains of Mormonism and transformed religious expression around the world. Gutjahr looks at how the Book of Mormon emerged from the burned-over district of upstate New York, where revivalist preachers, missionaries, and spiritual entrepreneurs of every stripe vied for the loyalty of settlers desperate to scratch a living from the land. He examines how a book that has long been the subject of ridicule--Mark Twain called it "chloroform in print"--has more than 150 million copies in print in more than a hundred languages worldwide. Gutjahr shows how Smith's influential book launched one of the fastest growing new religions on the planet, and has featured in everything from comic books and action figures to feature-length films and an award-winning Broadway musical.
Finally, in exploring what Martin Marty refers to as the Book of Mormon's "revelatory appeal," Givens highlights the Book's role as the engine behind what may become the next world religion."--BOOK JACKET.
This is volume 27 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: The Book of Mormon Witnesses and Their Challenge to Secularism, Their Imperfect Best: Isaianic Authorship from an LDS Perspective, “I Kneeled Down Before My Maker”: Allusions to Esau in the Book of Enos, Two New Studies of Biblical Repentance A Modern Translation of Genesis 1–11 in the Traditional Sense, “How long can rolling waters remain impure?”: Literary Aspects of the Doctrine and Covenants, Gazelem the Jaredite, Should We Apologize for Apologetics?, Marjorie Newton on “The Mormons in Australia” — A Retrospective Review, The Divine Council in the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Mormon Miracles in the Book of Mormon, Barlow on Book of Mormon Language: An Examination of Some Strained Grammar, “He Did Go About Secretly”: Additional Thoughts on the Literary Use of Alma’s Name, Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job: A Review of Scott B. Noegel’s Work, An Important Year in History, Heralding a New Age of Book of Mormon Scholarship Jacob’s Protector, Christmastime: When Our Souls Can Sing.
In the first edition of The Mormon Mirage, Latayne C. Scott shared her remarkable journey out of Mormonism as she uncovered shocking inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and contradictions in the faith she had loved and lived. Thirty years later, Mormonism and Mormon scholarship have evolved with the times. In this third, revised and updated edition of her well-known book, Scott keeps pace with changes and advances in Mormonism, and reveals formidable new challenges to its claims and teachings. The Mormon Mirage provides fascinating, carefully documented insights into • DNA research’s withering implications for the Book of Mormon • the impact of new “revelations” on Latter-day Saint (LDS) race relations • new findings about Mormon history • increasing publicity about LDS splinter groups, particularly polygamous ones • recent disavowals of long-held doctrines by church leadership • the rise of Mormon apologetics on the Internet More than a riveting, insider’s scrutiny of the Mormon faith, this book is a testimony to the trustworthiness of Scripture and the grace of Jesus Christ.

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