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WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. In the hallowed literary tradition of The Darwin Awards and Headlines comes this mind-boggling collection of the most outrageous warning labels ever slapped onto perfectly good products. Before you try to dry your hair with a blowtorch or iron a shirt while you're wearing it, read this hilarious collection of crazy caveats. You'll be surprised how far frightened manufacturers (and their lawyers) must go these days to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits!
Remove Foil from Suppository Prior to Insertion A Satire on Contemporary American Life By: Hugh Dorman MD, PhD Remove Foil from Suppository Prior to Insertion reveals the humorous and absurd in life. Through entertainment, Hugh Dorman educates us on those products that have no value and make false claims about their efficiency and efficacy. This book will provide many laughs along the way, but will also open your eyes to the frightening reality of America today.
Examines the dangers that parents fear for their children and offers advice on how to raise safe, independent children.
A collection of gaffes, blunders, and faux pas committed by those in the public eye, who unfortunately (for them) also caught the public's ear.
"A brazenly funny . . . and hard-hitting book." --Publishers Weekly "He [Bob Garfield] is irreverent, funny and tough." --USA Today "If you crave insight into the wacky, zany, madcap--albeit very serious--business of advertising, this is a great place to begin." --Miami Herald And Now a Few Words from Me is Bob Garfield's call to arms. Sparing no sacred cows, the respected Advertising Age columnist rails against the mind-set that has reduced much of today's advertising to sophomoric silliness that doesn't bother to sell the product or even further the client's strategy. Wielding his pen like a flaming broadsword, Garfield writes: "Consistency of ethical principles has never been the advertising industry's strongest suit." "Agencies themselves struggle with an inherent conflict of interest, because the kind of advertising that best serves the client doesn't necessarily win awards." "My goal here isn't to leave you a bit infuriated. My goal is to enumerate transgressions so extravagant and insane that you actually bleed through the ears." And Now a Few Words from Me shines a blinding searchlight on what is wrong with today's advertising. Fast, funny, and vintage Garfield, it names names, deflates balloons, and provides a few simple-to-follow rules to get advertising back on track.
Ć Authoritative: Co-authored by a leading scholar in corporate strategy (Professor Marcus) and a prominent legal scholar (Professor Kaiser), both with several publications in their respective fields. This is a core resource book (with 10 Original cases) for modules or courses on the ethical, legal and policy foundations of business; with an average of 2 cases per 10 chapter text. Point-of-View: The dominant trend in the law towards business ethics is that the latter is an obligation; corporations are bound to move past mere compliance towards social accountability

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