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The US government is planning to spend an estimated US$1 trillion over 30 years to modernise or replace its triad of air-, land- and sea-based nuclear weapons. These plans have huge implications for the security of the United States and its allies, its public finances and the salience of nuclear weapons in global politics. This Adelphi book argues that the US need not replicate its Cold War triad to achieve credible and reliable deterrence. It proposes viable alternatives that would allow the US to maintain deterrence at a lower cost, thereby freeing up funds to ease pressing shortfalls in spending on conventional procurement and nuclear security. These alternative structures--which propose a reduction in the size and shape of the arsenal--have distinct advantages over the existing plan in maintaining strategic stability vis-à-vis Russia and China; upholding arms-control treaties; boosting the security of US nuclear forces; and supporting the global non-proliferation regime. They would also endow the US with a force better suited to the strategic environment of the twenty-first century, and mark an advance on the existing triad in supporting conventional military operations. -- Back cover.
The twelfth edition of American Foreign Policy comes at a time when Donald Trump's presidency is breaking away from many of the traditional foundation points in American foreign policy in terms of how foreign policy is made and its content. The results have pleased some and angered others but almost uniformly raised political tensions at home and abroad. This text does not try to present students with an answer on how best to move American foreign policy forward. Rather, it is designed to help students cultivate the critical thinking skills they need to develop their own answers and participate in current and future debates about the conduct and content of U.S. foreign policy. New to this Edition The twelfth edition introduces students to key facets of Trump's foreign policy style and the content of his decisions. It adds to the previous edition more extensive discussions of China trade policy, the conflict with Iran, relations with Russia, U.S. involvement in Africa, and arms control talks with North Korea, as well as providing a foundation for understanding the Congressional move to impeachment. Critical Thinking Features Dateline sections open each chapter and introduces students to the material via a short contemporary case study Historical Lessons provides a historical context for students to understand current U.S. foreign policy issues and is linked to the Dateline feature Over the Horizon sections conclude each chapter with a speculative view to the future to spur student thinking about how American foreign policy might evolve in the coming years
Sino-American nuclear relations are critical given ongoing modernization efforts on both sides and an increasingly complex regional and global nuclear environment. This volume pairs Chinese and American authors together to offer national perspectives on contemporary nuclear issues, including perceptions of strategic context, national security priorities, doctrines, perceptions of regional threats, and strategies to address these dangers.
AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY AND PROCESS (WITH INFOTRAC) is a comprehensive text that uses values and beliefs to organize the topic of foreign policy. The book portrays the way values and beliefs about foreign policy have changed over the course of U.S. history and how foreign policy has changed from its earliest years through the post-9/11 years and beyond.
Librarians Lincove and Treadway have compiled a collection of 1,953 titles, published between 1945 and 1985 but covering Anglo-American relations from their formal inception in 1783 through their finest hour in 1985. . . . This model bibliography provides the sort of comprehensive reading list so necessary for upper-division and graduate research. Choice This interdisciplinary bibliography detailing the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain covers scholarly writing from 1945 to 1985 that treats the interactions between the two countries during the period 1783 to the mid-1980s. It provides comprehensive coverage of books, essays, journal articles, and doctoral dissertations from universities and colleges in Great Britain, the United States, and Canada. All sources except the dissertations are annotated.
This comprehensive text is known for its exciting writing style and its positive, forward-looking presentation of the latest developments in scholarship and real-life politics. Through the use of engaging narrative, "The American Democracy" weaves together theory, information, and examples in ways that highlight key points, make them easy to understand, and capture readers' interest..

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