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There is no denying that the emotional bond between horses and the humans who love them can reach mystical proportions, and nowhere is that relationship more evident than in these twenty-four true-life accounts of horses rescuing people. Here is the story of a seventeen-year-old Apache youth whom a horse-rescue project retrieved from drug abuse; a mother whose young son was about to be dragged to his death before the horse recognized the child’s plight; a Vietnam veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder whose work with horses keeps him on an even keel; and the owner of a Miniature Horse that serves as a “seeing eye” guide animal. As varied as the stories are, all share the same conclusion: “My horse saved my life.” Originally published in hardcover as Horses That Saved Lives.
Horses inhabit our dreams, carrying us to safety or on wild adventures. Some of our dream horses fly, others have magical powers. Whatever our dreams of horses might be, they inhabit a universe of freedom and power. They also involve a lot of work, care and sacrifice. Horses and riders achieve great heights, some in jumping, some in dressage, some on endurance rides. This anthology explores the meaning of horses -- and some donkeys -- in the lives of women from many places. They walk, trot, canter, gallop and fly. And some refuse to budge. Horses inspire boldness and trust and provide us with the means to be transported into other realms, to fulfil our girldreams, our horsedreams.
Collects over fifty true stories of heroic animals rescuing people, including a pot-bellied pig, parrot, dolphin, and half-breed wolf, with current scientific research about the human-animal bond.

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