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Love makes the world go round. A wonderfully romantic novel from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Recipe for Love, A French Affair and The Perfect Match. Ellie Summers' life is unravelling. Finding herself pregnant - and her sexy but idle boyfriend Rick less than enthusiastic about parenthood - she needs a plan. Fast. Grace Soudley's life is also coming apart at the seams - her only security is the beautiful yet crumbling old house she was left by her godmother. But unless she can find a fortune, Luckenham House will disintegrate around her. When Ellie and Grace meet, the two very different women find they can help each other out. Ellie needs a place to stay; Grace needs a lodger. Both of them need a friend. But then the disconcertingly engaging Flynn Cormack arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help. And when Grace discovers some beautiful painted panels hidden behind the tattered dining-room curtains, the whole business of restoration starts to get serious...
Grace Soudley's life is coming apart at the seams. Recently divorced, she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her, but unless she can find a fortune, the house will disintegrate around her. Artist Ellie Summers' life is unraveling too. She's pregnant, but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about parenthood, and her parents are not exactly inviting her to move back home. She has to come up with a new plan. Fast. Ellie needs a place to stay; Grace needs a lodger. Each of them needs a friend, and together they begin the work of fixing up the house. But then an unexpected and disconcertingly handsome man arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help. And when Grace discovers some beautiful and potentially valuable paintings hidden behind the tattered dining-room curtains, the whole business of restoration starts to get serious.... This fresh, funny romance from bestselling novelist Katie Fforde offers charm, wit, and restorative new beginnings for all. From Publishers Weekly This lighthearted British romance has all the elements of a modern fairy tale: a huge, empty, centuries-old house left by a godmother, an evil older sister and a beleaguered (former) stepdaughter. But despite the fairy tale trappings, the heart of the book is the very modern friendship that develops between the house's inheritor, Grace Ravenglass (or Soudley—she's recently divorced), and the house's lodger, Ellie Summers, newly pregnant with her irresponsible boyfriend's child. Together, the two women and Grace's ex-husband's daughter, Demi, form an unlikely family in the rundown mansion. Between overtures from kind Irishman Flynn Cormack, Grace deals with problems domestic and familial: dry rot, pressure from her sister to sell the house, and recently discovered painted panels that may be worth a fortune if she can get them restored. Ellie works to make their cold, ramshackle home more livable, in the process discovering a love interest, while Demi deals with adolescent resentment toward her parents, both busy with new romances. It's amusing and gratifying, with an ending worthy of a fine murder mystery, in which all the characters gather in one room and the pieces are precipitously wrapped up with a round of happily ever afters. (June) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From Booklist Fforde's novels are such a comfort, much in the same way that old-fashioned cozy mysteries are. Nothing too terrible happens, and the world is all right in the end. Her plucky, resourceful women are always up to the challenge, whatever it might be. Restoring Grace fits the pattern. Grace, Ellie, and Demi are a bit wobbly on their own, but when banded together they can surmount all obstacles. Neglectful mothers, bad divorces, unplanned pregnancies, greedy relatives, even dry rot all lose their power to ruin lives when faced by these three gals. When the intrigue associated with mysterious hidden paintings and covert romance is added to the mix, there are enough plot entanglements to keep the reader happily occupied until, as always, everything is sorted out. Fforde also writes with a chipper upbeat Britishness that adds to her novel's quotient of amusing diversion. Danise Hoover Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
When we're offended, certain external and internal forces urge us to hang onto our anger, resentment, and fear. Yet, gripping these negative responses becomes a hang-up more troublesome than the original wrong ever was. Forgiveness, a human collaboration with grace, sets the offended on a path away from spiritual slavery and toward divine victory. A delicate, hardly perceptible peace wells up within in the soul of those who forgive. The divine spark within that person becomes even more incandescent and inflamed as love shoots through their being. They savor a delight beyond exaggeration, description, and imagination. It is sweeter and more gentle than anything they have ever experienced.People want to know about forgiveness, but they want the knowledge communicated in a way that is interesting and relevant to their experience. This book strives to do just that by stripping away modern, nonsensical notions about forgiveness in frank, clear, everyday language. The format is nonthreatening and much of the content is conveyed in stories, metaphors, and analogies that connect with many people's everyday lives. At the same time, the book is brimming with practical tips, insights, and proven strategies that help readers offer up their own pain and offenses in exchange for freedom, healing, and peace.

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