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In Memoir of a Retired Teacher, author Edes Solina shares her concern that there is a real problem in education today: American children are performing at levels significantly below the skill levels of many countries in mathematics and science exams. College instructors are asking why such a large number of high school graduates are not prepared for college work in these and other subject areas. The United States has the best quality of college or higher education in the whole world, but the quality of education in high school is below acceptable levels for college entrance. She believes the root cause of the substandard performance of American students is the serious disruption caused by discipline problems taking place in the classroom today. Teachers need help in finding positive methods for turning the tide before its too late. She believes that the schools need to allow the teachers to focus every minute of the class period on teaching and learning activities without the constant disruption from the rampant discipline problems plaguing their classrooms. Memoir of a Retired Teacher is Solinas life story in three parts: in the first part, she looks back on the final days of her teaching career; in the second part she remembers her teaching experiences; and in the final part she recounts her lifes journey.
Surviving the Storm is an inside look into Rosaland Jackson ́s life. Her life is a traumatic, challenging, and spiritual journey. This book also discusses her state of mind during the period that left her incapacitated. Rosaland also developed her "Five point Recovery process" for people who have undergone a traumatic crisis in life and is now trying to live a new and different lifestyle. Every year of Rosaland ́s life was overwhelming, including her two births and her many surgeries. This is an encouraging and motivational book that shows Rosaland ́s continuous fight to beat the odds.
The author relates her struggle as a teacher in a New York City school and her battles against bureaucracy and functionally illiterate students
Here, the authors focus on educators who dare to lead their schools, districts, universities, and educational organizations to new possibilities. The leadership practices of the individuals featured contribute significantly to craft knowledge and to the discourse on contemporary issues of educational leadership. These leaders develop collaborative decision-making processes, push the bureaucratic boundaries, claim power through politics, and live and lead from values. The authors contend that the leadership practices depicted reflect a redefinition of leadership that emanates from a constructive postmodern paradigm aimed at social reconstruction. These leaders are redefining leadership by integrating doing and being. This book is a report of the results of a collective qualitative inquiry into the leadership of eighteen impressive women educational leaders from Illinois, representing a diversity of roles, community sizes, institutional types, and racial perspectives. The chapters intertwine personal stories with the scholarship about leadership. No pseudonyms are used. Although several recent books have been published about the experiences of women as leaders, leadership studies have generally not included women or failed to point to women leaders as role models who could, even should, be emulated by leaders of both genders. It is past time to close the gender leadership gap in educational administration. This book will contribute to the ongoing redefinition of leadership and perhaps after reading this book leaders who dare will move themselves and our culture closer to gender inclusive perceptions of what leadership is and who leaders are.
This book offers a practical, realistic and positive guide for both prospective and experienced teachers working to improve their classroom management skills. Contents: Critical Incidents in Teaching; Discipline, the Most Important Subject We Teach; The Extent of the Problem; Why Students Misbehave; Discipline and the First-Year Teacher; Discipline and What You Might Share With Parents; A Perspective on Discipline; Ten Principles for Working with Adolescents; Punishment, A Legitimate Part of Teaching? Swearing, Lying, and Cheating: Developing a Conceptual Framework From Which to React; A Message from Those Who Survive; Models of Discipline; We Have Support to Do the Job We Need to Do! Role Playing and Discipline; A Final Word for Educators.

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