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When Roxy Burke left home for Nashville, she swore she wouldn’t come back until she was a star. But it’s desperation that drives this prodigal back to her family, and no one is prepared for what happens next.Roxy has crashed and burned. She’s squandered an inheritance, lived a wild life, and wasted her talent. Desperate and ashamed, she now must return to her father and sister, neither of whom she’s talked to in seven years.Roxy’s father welcomes his daughter with love and tenderness. But his easy acceptance is hard on Roxy’s sister. After years of being the dutiful daughter, Elena feels resentment and anger toward her wayward sister.Even more problematic is the reaction of Roxy’s former boyfriend. Once a rebel, Wyatt has given his life to Christ and plans to enter the ministry. He and Elena are engaged, but Roxy’s return raises questions that could mean the end of Elena’s perfect future.The Burke family faces the return of the prodigal and must reach out for healing. Will they each be able to accept God’s grace?
Return to Me, My Love is an in-depth look at the end-times prophecies concerning the Jews and Israel as seen through the eyes of St. John, the Revelator. Most books on the Revelation attempt to interpret what John was trying to say but contend that he couldn t find the correct words to describe the visions he was given. Such interpretations are not very helpful in the understanding the Revelation or the entire panoply of end-times prophecy for that matter. The Revelation defines and explains each of the terms it uses if the reader will carefully consider John s words in light of all the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments taken together as a whole. This book does exactly that! It is a literal approach to the study of Prophecy. Over 500 pages of additional research materials are available on-line to prove what is contained in the book! In Return to Me, My Love, the author assumes the role of St. John as he explains each verse of the Revelation to his reading audience and shows them how it foretells the entire counsel of God concerning the Last Days. In this book, the reader will be shown how God took the people of Israel as his wife but, after bearing with their centuries of apostasy against him, he finally wrote them a Bill of Divorce and sent them away. Yet, the Lord was not done with Israel, and just as he wrote in Hosea, he was determined to allure her and eventually bring her back to him. We are seeing that story being played out as we watch the modern State of Israel struggle without her Messiah, Jesus. The Tribulation that is coming in last-days Israel will be God s way of testing his Jewish people, purging the nation of its apostasy, and taking back the remnant of his Chosen People to be his wife hence the title of the book. This is a must read and is unlike anything currently available on prophecy. Every Christian needs to understand prophecy in order to be ready to assist the Jews when their time of trial begins.
PROLOGUE What if you lost the love of your life, and they came back to you? Would you know how to grab ahold of a second chance – and make it work? Zeke did, and he wouldn't screw it up this time. *** "It can't be; my eyes are playing tricks on me … Brooke Lakelyn Tobias. That really is you!" At the use of her full name, which very few people knew, Brooke turned. She was thinking the same thing, It couldn't be. It just couldn't be. She'd know that deep baritone anywhere. Zeke Laird Granger. He'd broken her heart five years ago, and had nearly broken her. She hadn't experienced a searing pain like that since – and vowed she never would again. *** "Our timing is just not right, Brooke." "But I love you, Zeke," she said, blinking back tears and trying to swallow past the lump in her throat. "I love you so much. We can find a way; if two people really love each other, they can always find a way. Please, please, just …" she begged. "I'm sorry. I just can't do this right now. I think it's best we just go our separate ways, Brooke." Tears coming in rivers, Brooke felt like her heart was going to explode. The sun streamed through the windows of her fourth-floor apartment. It was a beautiful fall day in New York City. But all she felt was darkness, as black as the bowels of hell. "Zeke please, please don't do this!" He had to listen. He couldn't leave. He just couldn't. The three years they'd spent together had been the happiest of her young life. Brooke had automatically assumed that they'd one day get married, although she wasn't one of those women who dreamed of her wedding day. In fact, she never gave much thought to getting married. The only time she thought of it is when yet another one of her friends or his friends tied the knot. Brooke was just happy just to share her life Zeke, to wake up next to him almost every day. And she thought he felt the same way. She didn't know how she was going to survive without him. In spite of hear tearful pleas, Zeke walked to the front door of her apartment, opened it and walked out of her life. He didn't even look back, she thought through gulping sobs. Not once. Brooke crumbled down the inside of the front door of the apartment, her body pooled in the fetal position on the floor. Heaving, animal-like moans escaped her until there were no tears left. There was nothing left. Three hours later, eyes swollen and throat parched, she'd dragged herself up from the floor, took a sip of water from the kitchen sink and climbed into bed – where she stayed for the next three days. *** Every time she relived that day, Brooke was embarrassed. She'd been a sniveling, begging, broken shell of a woman. No one in her life today would have recognized the person she was five years ago. She barely recognized that person. "Well what brings you back to the Big Apple?" Zeke asked, snapping her reverie, as if nothing had happened between them five years ago. "Of all the gym joints, in all the boroughs, in all of New York City, she walks into mine," he continued, playing on the infamous line from Casablanca. One of the things that Brooke had always loved about Zeke was his sense of humor. She could never stay mad at him because he kept her in stitches most of the time. But, he also knew when to turn it off and get serious. It was a rare combination she found intoxicating. She'd never met a man who had such a powerful hold on her. *** Damn she was more beautiful than ever! he thought. She'd let her hair grow out. The last time he'd seen her, she was wearing a short, Halle Berry-like style. Brooke had the kind of face that could pull off short or long hairstyles. He preferred it longer though. An exercise enthusiast, her body was always in perfect shape. Her best asset, in his opinion, was her perfectly curved bottom. He never tired of looking at it, and as they always slept in the nude when they were together, he would admire it as she bounced out of bed each morning to begin her morning toilette. *** His nature starting to rise at the turn his thoughts took, Zeke forced his mind back to the conversation at hand, saying, "Well, what brings you back to New York? Are you here to stay, or just visiting?" Was that a flicker of pain in those captivating, dark-brown, doe-shaped eyes? If it was, he had a shot because it meant he still had an effect on her. He desperately wanted a chance to erase that pain. Answering, she said, "I'm back for good. LA just wasn't my scene." "I knew it when I heard you left. You're a New York City kind of girl Brooke; I just couldn't picture you in LA." I can't believe he has the balls to stand here and have a conversation with me like nothing happened. Doesn't he know he almost destroyed me? "… Sooooo, speaking of scenes, how about we check out some in the greatest city in the world sometime?" Zeke said, feeling he might be pushing his luck, but anxious not to let her go without knowing when he'd see her again. Manhattan, where the gym they were in was located, was a relatively small city, at just over 13 miles. But, it had over one and a half million inhabitants and this didn't include outer boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, which residents fanned out to via subways, buses and taxis. It was easy to lose someone and not run into them again – forever – in New York City. Zeke was not about to let that happen. Not with Brooke. Did he just ask me out? Brooke thought. The unmitigated gall of the man! It took all of Brooke's resolve to carry on a civil conversation with Zeke. It had been five years since they'd seen each other, but now that she was back in his presence, it seemed like five minutes. She was shaken by how quickly and forcefully all the pain he'd caused her came rushing back. But she wasn't the naïve little 25-year-old she'd been then. She'd learned a thing or two about relationships since he'd broken her heart all those years ago. And now was the perfect time to put that knowledge to use. "Sure, Zeke. Why not," Brooke responded, hoping he didn't hear the tautness in her voice. Two can play this game, she thought. He's interested and that puts the ball squarely in my court this go round. Zeke Granger would pay dearly for the pain he'd caused her five years ago. While Brooke plotted revenge, Zeke had a different plan in mind altogether. He'd hurt her badly. It had nearly destroyed him too. But now that she was back in the same city, he vowed he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. He would win her back … and this time it would be for keeps. Can his love overcome the revenge she seeks, or will the scar left by Zeke's betrayal prevent them from ever having a future together? ********************** Relevant Search Terms: interracial romance, intraracial romance, african american romance, contemporary romance, short romance, multicultural romance, short story fiction, short steamy romance, women's literature, steamy romance, chicklit
Eighteen-year-old Sadie Stark, raised by the governor of Pennsylvania, has the world on a string. She doesn’t need the mother who left her any more than she needs the fiance who promises to change. What she needs is to finish college, and keep her wits about her. When war-bound James Pasko returns her stolen clutch, and shows her what’s missing in her life, she gains the courage to search for the truth about her past. What Sadie uncovers rattles her to the core. But James’ steadfast love gives her hope for the future—for the first time—even as the war tears them apart. When James disappears over enemy lines and Sadie makes a startling discovery, she must decide to follow in the footsteps of the mother who gave her away, or face a life of hardship like she’s never known.
The Midnight Man It's been years since bad boy Simon Riley hopped a freight train out of town and Ellen Kent's given up wondering what happened to him. Running a successful bed and breakfast in Oregon doesn't leave her a lot of time for fantasizing about midnight kisses and secret passion. . .until an unexpected visitor knocks on her door. Simon is back. She had no idea that he was a famous photojournalist, working in war zones around the world. But the man is everything she wants in a lover--and more. . . The Midnight Hour Dogged by trouble, Simon swore he'd never return to this backwater town, even to see El Kent. But he had to investigate his uncle's sudden death--and El's lush beauty still tempts him beyond belief. He knows he can satisfy her most hidden desire--and he's hungry for the sensual tenderness that only she can give. The last thing Simon would ever do is hurt El, but someone is forcing his hand. Someone who will stop at nothing to keep the past dead and buried--even if means silencing the woman Simon loves. . .
What if God hates religion? so many of us have been programmed to think that we need to follow a certain ritual or that a certain church will make us get right with God. We have it all wrong. God doesn't want our religion and our good deeds without having our hearts. That's what He wants is our heart. He is a gentleman and He stands at the door of your heart waiting for you to invite Him into your life. He won't barge in, He waits to be invited in.God is not interested in what church you go to or if you go to church, He wants your heart!When you look around the church today what do you see? is there room for a relationship with Jesus in the midst of the religion that we have created by following our rules and rituals? Are we still trying to earn grace?When I look around the church today I see a lot of Pharisees that are so caught up in their religion that they have forgotten about the relationship with their Savior. Jeremiah 24:7 I will give them hearts that recognize me as the Lord. They will be My people, and I will be their God, For they will return to Me wholeheartedly. The time has come that we return to God with our every day worship. The time has come for us to take up our cross and follow Jesus. The time has come for us to wave our white flag of surrender and allow God to be the Lord of our life.
Becca and Nick were destined to be together. He was the love of her life, or so she thought. Then tragedy strikes and Becca is left heartbroken and devastated. The road to recovery seems almost hopeless at times, but with love and support from the good people of Pride, she's looking forward to putting the past behind her. When Nick's best friend, Sean, returns home a year later, he brings with him an unexpected gift that has her reliving the past all over again. Sean's homecoming is tarnished with the loss of his best friend along with the recent discovery of his fiancees infidelities while he was deployed. If Sean needs anything right now it's a good friend to lean on and Becca has always been there for him. When the two decide to get away for a while, they're forced to accept the undeniable attraction between them. But now an unforeseen challenge threatens to rip them apart forever.

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