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The acclaimed author of the USA Today bestseller Pride Runs Deep returns to the pulse-pounding depths of international suspense as an undersea war is waged… Returning from deployment in the Middle East, attack sub USS Providence has received emergency tasking orders only miles from homeport. The mission: head for Indonesia and evacuate U.S. citizens endangered by a violent rebellion. Positioned on the front lines of the war on terrorism, the hunters of the USS Providence are now the hunted as they become engaged with a rebel sub in an epic undersea duel. And only the victor can surface alive.
In the years immediately following the 2006 "Surge" of American troops in Iraq, observers of America's counterinsurgency war there regarded the defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in Anbar Province as one of the strategy's signature victories. With the assistance of American troops, the fractious tribal sheiks in that province united in an "Awakening" that ultimately led to the defeat of the legendarily brutal AQI. The success of the Awakening convinced many that smart, properly resourced counterinsurgency strategies could in fact work. Even more, the episode showed that victory could be snatched from the jaws of defeat.
It's 1943, the Nazis won.... now it's modern day.... Swastika flags wave over half the world... but Reichsführer Karl Zengel wants it all--including two second-rate nations; the Union and Confederate States of America.... General Jeb Stuart Lee and his hillbilly militia temporarily halt the SS-Waffen invasion forces from sweeping across the South... but the Reichsführer orders a surprise winter breakthrough. Unless Jeb and the coalition of allied nations can take back Richmond and bring the Nazis to their knees, the SS juggernaut will roll ever onward, leaving behind swastika flags waving over both nations' capitals and eventually the world. The clock is ticking... the world is waiting.... can the North and South rise again.... this time to victory?
This book addresses various issues often faced by believers in doing daily life with Jesus. It lays the groundwork for healthy spiritual and relational growth, providing believers with keys for a victorious walk in their Christian life. It is the fruit of many years spent by the author in pastoral and teaching ministry and is a useful resource for both believers and leaders.
This book seeks to inspire you, lift up your faith and give you hope and confidence in the future. It teaches you not to accept the disadvantageous circumstances of your birth, the place where you started life or other limitations as a fait accompli, but rather to learn to become strategically positioned to have a deastiny-encounter that could totally transform your life and lead you to a life of victory and celebration.
Based on documents published in China, this book examines the reasons behind the Chinese Communists’ success during the Sino-Japanese War demythologizing Maoist guerrilla warfare by revealing the links between the Communists’ military and financial might during the Japanese occupation.
n this world of sin, we all struggle with security, fear, acceptance, and joy. We are all subject to potential physical, situational or emotional harm from others. It’s a competitive world. Peaceful and loving homes with godly parents who love each other are rare. The home has become a place for the greatest harm. Everyone has to survive somehow. Some have good jobs and money, some do not. Some get all the breaks in life, and some come up short. Some succeed and some fail. Some are accepted, and some are rejected. Do you view yourself as a victim? Do you see yourself as deserving special treatment because of your victim status? On the other hand, do you see yourself as victorious? What does it mean to be victorious? And how does one obtain victory, especially when he already sees himself as the victim of those who are stronger? Are you your greatest enemy? Are you a victim of your own view of yourself? Is a victim status a choice? Is victory a choice? Jesus said the truth would set us free. Learn to seek victorious freedom through Jesus Christ.

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