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"Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively." -Ted Andrews If you''ve ever felt immediately comfortable-or uncomfortable-around someone you''ve just met, you''ve probably sensed a person''s aura. Now you can learn to actually see the aura-the energy field that surrounds the human body. Popular author Ted Andrews presents simple and effective techniques for not only seeing auras, but also deciphering what the aura reveals about a person''s physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Discover how to: See the colors of the aura and interpret their meanings Make simple tools to measure the aura Cleanse, strengthen, and protect your own aura Increase your sensitivity and intuition Boost your energy and improve your health
Two people who are at a library in Stapleton, CA discover an ancient book that they believe may have been written by Leonardo DaVinci. When they read through the book, they realize that it may actually hold the secret to time travel. When they discover that the book may hold the secret to time travel, they decide they must keep it out of the wrong hands. When they realize it also holds a secret about the past in their community, they go on a journey through the past. Through the writings in the book, they soon know that they must protect it at all costs, but suspicions rise. The book starts off with the inventor Da Vinci creating a plan for a time travel mechanism. Although he attempts to create the plans, he soon realizes that he will be discovered by the authorities soon and must be on his way. After the preface of the book, it then moves to two young men at a library in Stapleton, CA who discover a book at the library. Although it looks normal at first, they soon realize that contains some specific writings that are hidden within the books contents. Even though, they start to think it's an interesting book they do not realize just yet what power that it holds. After a while, they take the book home with them, and attempt to decipher it, and soon figure it that it's not just a book, but a rather a real gateway that was possibly invented by Leonardo Da Vinci to time travel.
The American author Alice Morse Earle (1851-1911) practised a distinctive form of historical writing which made innovative use of material evidence in its focus on the details of everyday life. Lavishly illustrated, this 1902 work illuminates the social history of two 'garden delights': sundials and roses.
A string of long-lost and cursed rubies gives the title to this highly imaginative tale. Jacquiz Helmut and Balbo Blakeney, among other eccentric characters, pursue the jewels across four countries and eight centuries. Horror, intrigue and high comedy shape the story as it races towards an unforgettable climax.

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