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Do you have "memories" not of this life and time? Have you ever experienced a déjà vu? Does the idea of reincarnation fascinate you? Have you ever wondered if this is all there is? “If you are a spiritual seeker, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, if you are aware of the speed at which life is moving, if you are learning to listen and heed your intuition, if you have experienced the synchronicity of life, if you are learning to love unconditionally, if you long for ‘Home’… “If you suffer from anxiety, phobias, or emotional blocks, if you have ever felt disempowered, if you want to know more about the karmic residue of the past, the Higher Self, the Inner Guide, the Soul’s purpose, if you want to gain insight through the shared stories of others on their journey back to Oneness, if you have ever felt spiritually isolated and alone…you will find resonance here…insight…perhaps answers.” — from the Introduction The Light of Roses is an exploration of past-life regression as a form of healing, witnessed through fascinating case studies and the author's own spiritual journey.
“It begins with three siblings and his elder cousin, being in a wood where there are some strange black flowers. Their cousin told them the legend of the magician Schoenboeck, who brought those flowers with their curse: “who smells one of those flowers will fall in a deep dream”. The only cure that exists is some kind of roses that only the magician owns: alabaster roses that keep deeply in his castle Drachrosenstein. Unfortunately, the smallest sister, that is about six years old, caught some of those flowers when the others were not looking at her and fall in a deep dream and nobody was able to awake her. The other two brothers decide to look for that alabaster rose and get into a new world, a magic new world where there was given a locket by the old man that meet at the entrance gate. That locket owns the magician and they need it to get to Schoenboeck, the Dragon’s Master. If they need help, they can use the locket to get some. But they have to keep carefully the locket because, if they lose it, they will not be able to get Schoenboeck’s castle and nobody is going to give them another one. Gorkievich, the dark magician, wants to get that locket in order to invade the whole magician world and get it under his dark control. Therefore, he will try his best to get it from the children. Both siblings will get in a magic adventure with dragons, deserts, woods, caves, mirrors, labyrinths and all kind of characters. The way is not going to be easy...”
Remarkable story of a research project on the bioenerscience – intuitional knowledge – and a particular way of interaction with the bioenergemal (‘spiritual’) universe called bioenergemal communication. The author talks to a person (called Lucela) in relaxation as she describes extraordinary interactions with religious figures, including God the Father, Jesus, Mary and others – as well as the author himself. The author detects that threats and instructions become less and less veiled, and the religious figures are revealed as monopolistic and self-serving; while some of Lucela’s bioimages and bioscenes are truly terrifying. The conclusions are swaying tradition’s foundations and are ground-breaking steps in the fascinating field of bioenergemal communication.
Over 30 beautiful rose designs. Color keys, instructions for cross-stitch, needlepoint, other charted techniques.
ONE WOMAN’S SEARCH FOR LIGHT IN AN AGE OF GROWING DARKNESS Jessica was a talented, successful, sought-after artist and actress. So why was she drowning in depression and despair? When she was able to capture the color and design of God’s beautiful world with paint and brush, her joy was indescribable — but short-lived. She would find herself suddenly dashed into a dark hole of loneliness and depression. Despite her God-given gifts, “I was lost in a world of darkness of my own creation,” she writes. An Artist’s Palette, From Dark to Light, is the moving story of one woman’s journey from suicidal thoughts to sublime happiness. By developing an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Jessica was born again — and finally able to move from a dark, destructive existence to a productive life, full of joy and light.
THE FLAME OF TRANSFORMATION TURNS TO LIGHT is a book of poems in traditional ghazal form, the first half begun in Turkey, companion volume to "open form" poems written at a later visit, published in 2006 as Love is a Letter Burning in a High Wind (The Ecstatic Exchange). Visiting the epiphany-inducing tombs of Mevlana Rumi and his spiritual companion Shems in Konya, their baraka bathing the journey, the grave of Turkey's great native Sufi poet, Yunus Emre, and traveling through a land of such subtle spirituality, these poems chronicle an imagistic diary through both interior and exterior countrysides, with the second half continued in the same vein at home in Philadelphia.
"Discover all the techniques you need to know to create beautiful oil paintings"--Cover.

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