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'Before the current global era it is impossible to imagine that comparable events [like September 11] could have occurred, reflecting as they do our new-found interdependence. The rise of global terrorism, like world-wide networks involving in money-laundering, drug-running and other forums of organised crime, are all parts of the dark side of globalisation.' From the new Preface This book is based on the highly influential BBC Reith lecture series on globalisation delivered in 1999 by Anthony Giddens. Now updated with a new chapter addressing the post-September 11th global landscape, this book remains the intellectual benchmark on how globalisation is reshaping our lives. The changes are explored in five main chapters: * Globalisation * Risk * Tradition * Family * Democracy.
A new edition of the best short introduction to globalisation
· What is the current state of higher education internationally? · How may we construct an alternative vision for higher education? · What might such an alternative look like? Within the knowledge economy, higher education has expanded and changed through policies and practices of audit, performativity and ‘market’ values. In the face of such shifts, Reclaiming Universities from a Runaway World contributes to a timely and important debate around the civic function and democratic values of universities. The book is divided into three parts: · ‘Dark Times’ critiques the effects of contemporary higher education on professional life, research and curricula. · ‘Languages of Reconstruction’ explores alternative conceptualisations of what universities and higher learning are for, reaffirming difference, deliberative dialogue and the intrinsic goods of learning. The book argues that different languages enable different ways of thinking about university life. · ‘Pointing to Hope’ builds upon the foundations of the previous section to demonstrate how practices in pedagogy, new technologies, management, research and scholarship can be developed. This book offers a compelling and workable new vision for higher education. It is unique in bringing together critique with alternative ways of thinking about and doing higher education, providing theoretical and empirical grounding and focusing on international issues. With its international authorship, it provides insight for anyone interested in debates about the directions of higher education, including students, researchers, higher education managers and policy makers.

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