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If you are going cruising on the inland waterways of Europe then it is essential that you understand what you may see and hear while there. This book is designed to provide a quick-reference guide to the lights, shapes, sounds, and signs you may encounter. It also gives useful information on how CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure) is a category of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC), why you should take the CEVNI test and how you can do it, and where the CEVNI rules apply.
The Cruising Almanac is an annual publication first published over 100 years ago and long regarded as the perfect on board companion for cruising yachts. Compiled by The Cruising Association and Imray, it covers Northwest Europe from the Shetlands and southern Norway to Gibraltar and West Ireland to the Baltic. For 2019 the text is fully revised. Throughout, there are corrections to the plans and many include major revisions as well as improvements to coverage.The Cruising Almanac comes with 2019 tide tables with data on 47 standard ports.Corrections and updates are issued monthly (approximately) and are available from The Cruising Association website.
Cruising Association Guide to Cruising the Inland Waterways of France and Belgium (with 25 per cent discount offer on Cruising Association membership).
In order to safely navigate Europe's major waterway routes, all boaters need to know CEVNI - the Waterway Code - whose rules, signs, symbols and signals are understood and used by bargemasters and working vessels of all nationalities. This book has been written especially for pleasure craft users, setting out the rules in an easy-to-follow handy pocket-book format. It covers waterway signs, signals, flags and lights, markings on vessels, procedures in tunnels, locks and weirs, overtaking rules, berthing, and explains buoyage and landmarks - and for this 3rd edition there is a handy Quick Reference section grouping signs by colour for easy identification. The book forms the basis of the RYA test for the International Certificate of Competence and is accepted by European countries as the obligatory rules book that must be carried on board all small craft. 'Essential reading for anyone proposing to navigate the continental waterways' Waterways World 'A very welcome reference work for British boatowners cruising through Europe' Motor Boats Monthly 'A must' Little Ship Club 'Cannot be too highly recommened' Nautical Magazine
This book aims to help yachtsmen and motorboaters pass the ICC test - essential for anyone wanting to take their yacht or motorboat to the inland waterways of Europe and to many European coastal waters too. Now completely revised and updated for the third edition, Bill Anderson explains the syllabus in detail, provides revision notes on all the subjects in the test, and includes a set of self-test questions and answers at each stage to help readers take the ICC test with confidence. 'Well presented, well illustrated and clearly written... a concise and handy guide that will fulfil all the candidate's requirements.' Nautical Magazine

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