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"The babies I helped birth taught me that babies are far more than just the tiny body they present visually. They taught me about the vibration of consciousness that enlivens the body. They taught me, that taking utmost care of their body is the best care for the soul, for only a pristine body can carry its full divinity. With the holistic practices of Sacred Birthing, and without haste and interference, babies can maintain their alignment during the experience of labor and birth."
"Pearls" is an introduction to all of Sacred Birthing. These are the gems that take you on your journey to your baby's 'Softbirth.' What do we need most in pregnancy? We need to dream who it is hiding in there, and who this little one is asking to become. We need to grow our love for this teeny being, and learn more of who we are as we take care of him. We need to know that no matter what, our body knows exactly what to do to grow and birth and nurture this beloved one. We need to remember that we already know everything, if we just stop, and go inside. As we let go of the medical, the warnings, the doubts, and the self-doubts, we step into trusting our self. This is the book that I wish I had received when I was first pregnant! It's the perfect Baby Shower Gift or BlessingWay Gift, but even better, the perfect Conception Gift for your best friend. Let it inspire you to ask yourself deep questions about your baby's birth. From "Pearls": "The babies I helped with taught me that babies are far more than just the tiny body they present visually. They taught me about the consciousness that enlivens the body. If our desire is to give birth to a radiant being, it means that the whole baby asks to be addressed. It is not enough to simply receive the baby's physical body at birth, and not respect the feeling nature and the spiritual being. A baby's physical body is best received into gentle soft hands, imposing nothing to make a baby cry. The emotional feeling nature of a baby is supported when a baby is received with love, trust and respect. The spiritual body of the baby has needs too, that ask to be supported. When the act of giving birth takes spiritual needs into consideration, then baby's life is lived at a higher octave. Thus, a baby chooses a gentle birth to attain his full entitlement of light." And, "What is our true purpose when we consciously ask to conceive? Why do we do our very best for our baby during pregnancy? Why are we concerned about protecting our baby from any trauma at birth? Our intention is that our baby is not wounded, for it is not possible for a baby to be in the mode of openness and growth, when in the mode of defensiveness and protection. Thus, a baby always chooses a gentle birth to retain his full entitlement of light."
Intuitive Birthing, a term coined by Ishtara, is not about right and wrong ways of birthing, but to help you access your intuition easily in order to birth how it is right for you to birth. By following the Manifest Sacred Birth Programme you can birth connected and tuned in to follow your unique body signals and intuition, so that your birth can be blissful and pain free. If you are in a sacred place, you hear your intuition easily so you can open your light womb up wide. When you cannot hear the inner voice, you act from a place of fear, you are scared. It is this fear which blocks the birth hormones from being released and prevents you from opening up your womb easily and without pain. The key intuitive birthing techniques which are an integral part of the 40-day programme include visualisation, mantra, meditation, ceremony and more, and are designed for regular practise from around week twenty of the pregnancy, but to familiarise yourself with from before that time, then to use during the actual birth itself. You can use the Intuitive Birthing techniques contained within this programme for many other birthing and pregnancy issues - resolve conception difficulties; release, heal and forgive past birth trauma; or use them to connect to your intuition as a parent. "Packed full of birthing visualisations, this is the ultimate book in Spiritual Birth. I followed the programme in 2011 and used it to deal with issues that arose during my meditations, and unexpectedly healed old wounds, as well as my relationship, then went onto have an even more beautiful and wonderful birth than the one I imagined and asked for! Thank you Ishtara for these tools to joyfully birth our beautiful baby girl!" Christa Rose, therapist "This is a beautiful and intuitive book exploring the spiritual approach to birth preparation. Connection with your baby is the primary focus of this gentle programme by Ishtara Blue, encouraging each mother to envision and create her ideal birth using visualisation and empowerment techniques, drawing wisdom from a variety of traditional and New Age sources." Claire Arnold, doula
"An inspirational book on conscious birthing and parenting for parents of the new millennium. This book is a rich collection of wisdom for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum by a Conscious Birth Emissary and Mother. Learn about natural healing and sacred birthing for the optimal health of your family, children, and self. Read about simple practices for connecting with your unborn baby, healing arts for mothers and families, and preparing consciously for your best birth." --Cover, p. [4].
The sixty heiau photographed and described in this text are all located on on O'ahu, the island that has experienced by far the most development over the last 200 years. The images provide a compelling argument for the preservation of Hawaiian sacred places.
All roads lead to enlightenment—but the choice of which to travel is yours. From Sedona to Lourdes to Mecca, there are certain divinely blessed places that can inspire you to renew your sense of wonder, revitalize your spirit, and restore your faith. In this book, you'll explore the most illuminating sites around the world, including: The Taj Mahal in India, a stunning palace designed for mourning a lost love—or celebrating a new one Carmel Mission in California, a place of veneration and enlightenment The Shrine of Rumi in Turkey, a monument to the power of passion and poetry The Wailing Wall in Israel, where it is believed you have God's ear when you visit Mount Olympus in Greece, a snow-capped peak that offers serenity and strength With special prayers, meditations, and devotions for each sacred site, this guide is the perfect companion if you are seeking a true journey of the soul.
A Divinely inspired visionary work, Embodiment can be defined as a state of manifestation, integration, unification, or incarnation, all terms that may be used to describe this state of Being, and the profound connection and relationship of the Creator and the Creation. It is a book conceived in celebration of the awakening of the Sacred Embodied Soul. Interpreted as written, this material is self-evident, stimulating awareness of the evolving spiritual nature, which provides an anchor for the Soul Life’s continuing journey. Embodiment is a Sacred Birthing guide in its true sense, as the means in which human existence becomes the product of the process by which, out of Spirit, an Awakened Soul is Born. This collection of writings was crafted for all who seek the answers to Life’s origins supporting the eternal mothering aspects of the Human Soul, by adding personal reflective insights into understanding this enlightened connection that leads to true Soul Self-Awareness. Embodiment challenges and expands the human intelligence to investigate, in a spiritual perspective, that which has its origins in the archives of human history and folklore. The keys to unlock these spiritual truths are found in the presence of the intangible Sacred Essence that emanates a reflection of the Creator’s Heart of Love and Sustenance, which presents itself within the Human Soul’s Life Experience. To this quest the author has taken up the Banner of Faith and Trust in the ultimate search to discover an immortal connection between the Human Soul and its Divine Source.

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