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When Satan Burger was first being passed around among teenage punks and fans of weird art and film, there was nothing else like it. A book of rebellious spirit that simplistically captured the postmodern malaise of a culture obsessed with consumerism. It quickly gained an underground following, was transcribed by fans and bootlegged online, was translated into Russian and made its way around the world attracting the attention of readers bored with typical mainstream fare. Combining a satirical wit and style on par with legendary humorists such as Kurt Vonnegut and Russell Edson with the crazy punk ethos of cult film directors such as Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, and Takashi Miike, this was a book overflowing with so many new ideas and absurd philosophies that it not only launched the career of underground author Carlton Mellick III, but inspired an entire literary movement. For the fifteenth anniversary of the release of this Bizarro Fiction classic, Eraserhead Press is thrilled to present this special hardcover edition, featuring an introduction by splatterpunk legend John Skipp, illustrations by Ryan Ward, and a new preface by the author. Satan Burger explores a new kind of apocalypse. Not an apocalypse caused by disease or nuclear war, but an apocalypse of boredom. A plague of monotony has spread across the countryside, sucking all passion and inspiration out of everyone over the age of twenty-five, leaving only the disenfranchised youth to fend for themselves in a world crumbling around them. Featuring a narrator who sees his body from a third-person perspective, a man whose flesh is dead but his body parts are alive and running amok, an overweight messiah, the personal life of the Grim Reaper, a race of women who feed on male orgasms, and a motley group of squatter punks that team up with the devil to find their place in a world that doesn't want them anymore.
He Still Speaks, Now Listen is a compilation of parables that focus on your inner being. It is from there you will be shown the real you from chapter to chapter, and page to page There will come a time in your life that you must comprehend questions such as What is life? Are you existing or just surviving? Where do you live? We all must die to the power of our negative thoughts. There is no more time left. When you awake, what is more important to you? He Still Speaks, Now Listen answers these questions and the ones that have entered your mind.
It's the final day of the season for the annual Punktown Fair and excitement is high. For the couple in charge, Del and Sophi Kahn, it's a bittersweet day of transition. Little do they realize the trials they will face and how severely this one day will test their relationship. In fact, closing day seems to be a catalyst for many Punktown residents; drawing them in, stirring them up and letting them loose on each other. This roller coaster tale builds to a peak of expectation then plummets, twisting and turning, a breathtaking juggernaut to the final pages with plenty of screams and giggles along the way.
This collection highlights dark surrealism at its most experimental and absurd depths. The texts are perception-altering and soul-poisoning, humorous in the way that accidental amputation and spontaneous combustion are. From the man who works at the foot fungus factory to the man who lives in a giant rectum, Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades will leave you wondering where you misplaced your sanity.Bio: John Edward Lawson is an author and editor living just outside Washington, D.C. His poetry collections include The Horrible and The Scars are Complimentary. His novel, Last Burn in Hell, was published in 2005. John is editor-in-chief of Raw Dog Screaming Press and The Dream People webzine, and has also been editor of several anthologies, including Tempting Disaster and Sick: An Anthology of Illness.
Tangerinephant by Kevin Dole 2 THIS IS THE WAY TENSION BUILDS . . . Michael Tangerinephant has problems. He's on the outs with his cyborg-prostitute girlfriend. He's in trouble with his (formerly) criminal syndicate. He's been framed to take the fall in a trillion dollar stock scandal. Things seem like they can really get no worse when aliens abduct him and force him to reenact 20th century daytime television. The Chill are strange. The Chill are deranged. Unpleasant things begin to swim towards the surface of his (sub)conscious in their presence. They might drive him crazy, if he isn't there already. . . A swirling vortex of science fiction, satire, and surrealism, Tangerinephant will suck you in and chop you into moonrocks. "Tangerinephant is one of the most wildly imaginative books I've read in years," ---Carlton Mellick III, author of Satan Burger "The world of Kevin Dole 2 is vibrant, irreverant, and most of all important. His is the kind of jubilance found only among madmen and geniuses." ---John Edward Lawson, author of Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades
Returning to his avant-punk style introduced in the international cult hit, SATAN BURGER, Carlton Mellick III takes us on a journey into an absurd afterlife called PUNK LAND: the punk version of Heaven. The story follows Goblin, a deformed young hermit who is perfectly happy haunting an abandoned gatehouse far outside of civilization with his pet dildo, Frog Strips, until two strangers named Nan and Mortician arrive at his doorstep with a crazy story that turns his quiet post-life existence upside-down. Goblin soon finds himself mixed up in a war between corporate punks and traditional punks that he really couldn't care less about. But without the help of Goblin, Mortician's sperm, and a blue-mohawked female assassin named Shark Girl, the utopian anarchy in Punk Land will surely be lost. Featuring cameos by famous punk icons and cartoonish illustrations in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. This Bizarro novel is Carlton Mellick III's most fun and hilarious book to date.
Selling real estate in Marsh Creek becomes a deadly profession for Andrea Jordan when she sells a rural home to charismatic Steve Jamison who has a hidden life. Steve casts a spell over Andrea and she soon finds herself falling in love with him, not realizing the heinous plan he has for her. A series of hideous crimes begin to plague the town. Suspicion falls on Steve. Even though all the warning signs are there, and her friends continuously warn her about him, Andrea refuses to believe Steve is the evil person they say he is. One night the truth comes crashing down around her.

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