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As Hurricane Katrina ravages New Orleans, attorney Tully Badeaux's life follows suit when betrayal leads to heartbreak… Tully Gaston Badeaux might be successful in the courtroom but at home her relationships with her partner, Dr. Jessica Badeaux, and their children are falling apart. In one life-changing moment precipitated by a spilled cup of coffee, the world Tully had so carefully constructed comes to an end. As Tully struggles to pick up the pieces, two women add to the complications—Dr. Kara Nicolas, the woman who stole her wife, and Libby Dexter, the young woman who moves in to assist Tully with the kids. Kara becomes her focus in the courtroom, and Libby offers more than a helping hand around the house.
Inspired by Mei, Yamato has decided to pursue a career as a photographer. But no matter how much he practices, he can’t help but feel that something is missing. Mei notices that something’s been off with Yamato lately and goes to an unexpected source for help… Meanwhile, Rin has an exciting date with Kai at Land, while Len tries to make friends on his own. Having always been in his sister’s shadow, Len has his doubts, but it seems that he may have had a real friend all along.
In this day and age being romantic is just a mere after thought. Many people, in fact, are still searching for even just a taste of anything romantic. In his writings Michael Harrell demonstrates that there is still hope. Hope for anyone who is still searching for a glimmer of light. In his new book Marfes' Roses The Second Season, Harrell shows the world thatpeople can still be romantic and can still be someone's light. His words are such that they can light even the darkest of hearts.
Hato, Yajima, and Yoshitake head to the school festival to visit the old boys of the club and Saki ends up alone in the club room with Madarame.

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