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'Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses' is a 'must have' book for horse lovers. Herbal recipes known only to a few are finally revealed! This easy to read book contains a great variety of herbal recipes to use on your horse. 'Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses' introduces you to the various types of external herbal remedies and then shows you step by step how to make them and how to use them. Learn how to make herbal ointments, oils, liniments, lotions, poultices, shampoos and more. 'Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses' contains a section outlining many external health problems for horses and the many treatments that may be useful. This excellent book also contains a 'Materia Medica' (a list of herbs) which explains the traditional uses for each herb and how to grow the herbs if you wish to.“Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses' has been the culmination of many years of working with herbs and horses. Many of my clients have asked me how make their own preparations for horses. This exciting new book is written to empower you, the horse owner, to support the health of your horses.
1941 Contains many rare herbal formulas which have healed thousands when all else failed. Some of the contents: Organic Substance of Plants; Secrets of Ancient Specialists; Vitamin E - The Sex Vitamin; Anemia; Running Fits in Dogs; Hog Cholera; H.
This informative and beautifully illustrated barn companion teaches you how to combine and use herbs most effectively for your horse’s benefit. Learn what herbs have been used traditionally for which ailments and how to make your own salves, tinctures, braces, and sprays. Praise for Equine Herbs & Healing: “Equine Herbs & Healing is a must-have resource.” – Equine Wellness Magazine “A great gift.” – Natural Horse Magazine Horses of the past were free to roam on large acreages and commonly sought out the wild herbs and other native medicinal plants they needed to stay properly conditioned. Modern horses rely on their human owners to supply the herbs they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy. The herbalists at Earth Lodge Herbals have brought together years of herbal experience to bring you this Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness: Equine Herbs & Healing, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your horse the natural way.
Since its earliest days, The New Yorker has been a tastemaker–literally. As the home of A. J. Liebling, Joseph Wechsberg, and M.F.K. Fisher, who practically invented American food writing, the magazine established a tradition that is carried forward today by irrepressible literary gastronomes, including Calvin Trillin, Bill Buford, Adam Gopnik, Jane Kramer, and Anthony Bourdain. Now, in this indispensable collection, The New Yorker dishes up a feast of delicious writing on food and drink, seasoned with a generous dash of cartoons. Whether you’re in the mood for snacking on humor pieces and cartoons or for savoring classic profiles of great chefs and great eaters, these offerings, from every age of The New Yorker’s fabled eighty-year history, are sure to satisfy every taste. There are memoirs, short stories, tell-alls, and poems–ranging in tone from sweet to sour and in subject from soup to nuts. M.F.K. Fisher pays homage to “cookery witches,” those mysterious cooks who possess “an uncanny power over food,” while John McPhee valiantly trails an inveterate forager and is rewarded with stewed persimmons and white-pine-needle tea. There is Roald Dahl’s famous story “Taste,” in which a wine snob’s palate comes in for some unwelcome scrutiny, and Julian Barnes’s ingenious tale of a lifelong gourmand who goes on a very peculiar diet for still more peculiar reasons. Adam Gopnik asks if French cuisine is done for, and Calvin Trillin investigates whether people can actually taste the difference between red wine and white. We journey with Susan Orlean as she distills the essence of Cuba in the story of a single restaurant, and with Judith Thurman as she investigates the arcane practices of Japan’s tofu masters. Closer to home, Joseph Mitchell celebrates the old New York tradition of the beefsteak dinner, and Mark Singer shadows the city’s foremost fisherman-chef. Selected from the magazine’s plentiful larder, Secret Ingredients celebrates all forms of gustatory delight. From the Hardcover edition.
Discover the best alkaline herbs for health, healing, beauty, and relaxation! ""Alkaline Herbs"" is a simple holistic health guide written for alkaline diet beginners as well as for alkaline veterans who want to take it to the next level with the most effective alkaline herbs and easy recipes. Whether your goal is to: de-stress, lose weight, create tasty alkaline meals (and have everyone love you for it!), experiment with natural beauty products (for example anti-wrinkle, anti-acne) or discover proven homemade holistic recipes to fight headaches, inflammation and help you feel more energized- you will find your answers in the Alkaline Herbs & Recipes. Very easy to follow format.
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