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An encyclopedic reference to the island and people of Bali, rendered in down to earth, accessible form.
Highly acclaimed for its cultural art forms - the enchanting beauty of Bali is reflected in its unique cuisine. The book uncovers the mysteries of the Balinese cuisine that has been little explored before Chef Heinz von Holzen stepped foot on the island. Together with American author and Balinese cultural authority Fred Eisman Jr who has written several books on Bali's culture, Chef von Holzen delves further into the food culture of Bali, uncovering spices, ingredients and cooking techniques and unveils them all in this cookbook.
Bali really is paradise. I boarded a plane to spend 30 days in Kuta, the heart of Bali, but even before leaving the airport I’d been ripped off for $40, the first time of many. Avoiding the scams isn’t easy. Bali Travel Secrets 2014 is a fact packed ebook, saving $1,000 a week on budget Bali hotels. In 30 days I visited 45 Kuta hotels, so if you need to book cheap Kuta hotel deals then how about a choice of 4 little known, beautiful, near oceanside 4 star hotels with pools for $25 – $30 per night, or backpackers for $5, instead of the $187 per night I was sucked into by booking before I travelled? Many of us are modest budget travellers, this is the best value ebook you’ll ever buy, guaranteed. Bali Travel Secrets 2014: Instant download: just $22.50
This memoir of a family torn apart by an unthinkable betrayal lays bare an astonishing truth at the heart of an island the world cherishes as "The Last Paradise." When a young American traveler falls in love with and marries a beautiful Balinese girl, all the promise of "The Morning of the World" seems to await. But twenty years later and far too late, he discovers the awful purpose behind the elaborate Hindu ceremonies arranged by his wife at the birth of their children. While he struggles to make sense of the destruction of his family, Balinese friends warn of long-term plans, of black magic, of fraudulent documents, false Hindu ceremonies, collusion by members of the Bali community, the courts, the police, public prosecutors-even his own attorneys-in a combination known in Indonesia as a "Law Mafia." A few close Balinese friends stand with him, helping guide him through the sekala and niskala-the Balinese visible and invisible worlds-but stakes and tensions continue to rise until he faces a possibly fatal decision: dare he fight for his and his children's identities, or must he accept his friends' increasingly urgent advice to flee with his children ahead of plans for murder? The cases behind this book remain unresolved and at the center of ongoing struggles between forces of reform in Indonesia's capital of Jakarta, and the tightly-closed legal and social systems, both native and expatriate, of Bali. A website,, forms an integral companion to the book. Whether read as a thriller or as a window into the fascinating and complex cultures of Indonesia, the tragedy and hope at the heart of this story propel a gripping read.
Visiting Bali without this book is a waste of your time and money Visitors to Bali and armchair travelers alike will revel in learning the salacious and surprisingly sexy unknown facts lurking behind Bali's best-known sites that ordinary tourists (and even tourism guides) don't know. These facts have never been revealed before anywhere else Guaranteed to spice up your visit
JIT can’t be bothered with school. His mum’s new boyfriend is doing his head in, and the last thing on his mind is dealing with lessons and homework. He needs the gang’s help, and fast . . . SUKY and Imi have been going out for ages. But there’s trouble in paradise – namely, Suky’s strict parents. A whole load of drama is about to kick off . . . Two great stories from the Devana High gang.

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