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"I KILLED MY PARENTS." Seventeen-year-old Tyler Hadley posted an invitation on Facebook: party at my crib tonight. But this was no ordinary house party in the Florida suburbs; it was a grisly crime scene. Later that night, Tyler revealed to his best friend, Michael, that he'd bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer. Michael didn't believe him...until he entered the master bedroom and saw the bodies of Tyler's parents on the floor—murdered, beyond the shadow of a doubt. "THEY DESERVED IT." Mary Jo and Blake Hadley had always known their son had a dark side. He would make disturbing jokes about murder on Facebook. He apparently idolized the infamous Menendez brothers, who murdered their parents for money. But how could they have known their son was dead serious? What kind of person could kill his mother and father, throw a party with their bodies in the next room, and brag about it? This riveting account by an award-winning journalist takes you deep inside the mind of a troubled teenager—and behind the scenes of a true American nightmare...
In these stories we meet more of Amy Bloom's irresistible characters: a woman recovering from cancer while her best friend and husband face their loneliness and a new friendship; a mother coming to know that her wonderful little girl is a boy; a man and his stepmother in a complicated dance of memory, anger and forgiveness. These are stories on the frontiers of emotions, stories about the uncertain gestures of love, the betrayals of the flesh and the surprises of the heart. 'Connectedness, or the lack of it, is the theme of nearly all the stories . . . They are small masterpieces' Sunday Times 'Amy Bloom gets more meaning into individual sentences than most authors manage in whole books' New Yorker 'Any new book by Amy Bloom is a cause for celebration and this fabulously titled collection of stories is no exception... Bloom, already hailed as one of the best short story writers of her generation, is wickedly knowing with the sort of perfectly paced writing which can blow the reader away with the tiniest detail' The Times
I don't know how much love there is
Dear Reader: Inside the covers of Language of the Heart you will read letters written from Jonathan to his Sweetheart, Princess Mahsa Elaine Tabori. But why, what caused Mohamad to assemble a book of nothing but letters? Why would a book of letters, all written from one person to another, be listed and sold as a romance novel? Because "Romance" is a story, an adventure between two hearts that become one through friendship and Love. Language of the Heart could be labeled as a diary or a journal, but each letter is a token of love; a gift from Jonathan's heart, unveiling himself and his love, romancing the one that his heart loves. By reading the letters, you will come to know of the bonding of friendship and love that Jonathan felt for Princess Mahsa. You will come to know Jonathan as Princess Mahsa came to know him, and see the heart of Princess Mahsa as Jonathan knew her heart. See the romance unfold that caused their hearts to become as one. Two hearts in communication, speaking as one.
My husband Patrick is a minister, and we were married in 1993. We’ve learned that God can be trusted. Through a storm in our lives, God worked in marvelous ways. When we needed encouragement, it came from Him. We now pass it on to you. This book is not about us but the Savior who saves.
This book is designed for women as well as men to help a man/woman take his or her relationship to another level. There is so much out there that can strengthen a relationship as well as destroy it. So if you are looking for a little spark to rekindle your relationship, you're reading the right book. Some things in this book may work for you, and some things may not. It's really up to you what you get out of reading this book. It's going to boil down to how much dedication and patience you have to make your relationship into something special day by day for the rest of your life. So I took the main factors, and I have broken them down so you can understand and implement them. Just like with your job, if you don't put in any effort, you will get no results and even get fired. As well as your relationship, if you don't put in any effort, your spouse will leave you for someone else that will treat him or her the way they want to be treated. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. I know you ladies just would like to aim this book at your man, but remember, it takes two. So you're going to get as much as you put into it as well. Most women are looking for that perfect relationship or person. No one's perfect. If someone's new in your life, they have to learn you just as much as you have to learn them. I'm just giving you the tool to help you learn your significant other to the best of your ability. The dos and don'ts, as well as the hows and whens. So if you're ready to get started and you think you have what it takes, continue to read. You might want to highlight things that catch your attention 'cause if they catch your attention, most likely it's something that may catch your significant other's attention as well. These are going to be the things you're going to want to try first. Like I said before, some things may not work. But don't give up; just move on, and try something else 'cause everyone is different. Certain things will spark, and certain things won't. So that's where your learning about your significant other comes in. I've helped a lot of relationships as well as took my relationships to another level. So that's why I'm writing this book now. Many of my friends and family wanted me to share my knowledge with you all, so I said, "Why not? Can't hurt." Your only weakness is not putting in any effort to achieve happiness.
To find a solution, a person must first admit there is a problem. Taking Down the Wall is a chronicle of one womans journey to the painful and reluctant admission that there is indeed a problem, her refusal to let an old wound heal. The journey takes twists and unexpected turns but eventually arrives in a place of peace. Issues involving adoption, reunion, addiction, death and grief are addressed in the context of real life, humor, spirituality and healing. Taking Down the Wall will make you cry, make you laugh and most of all, make you think.

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